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I’d planned a Superhero Dojo episode around it so now i have to postpone that too. Though it does give me time to dress up properly as a cowboy for it if it’s early next year


How long do you take to get dressed? :slight_smile:


Haha indeed.

I also have costuming to sort for a Legion special and a GOT one (but GOT one i may be able to get from the actually GOT wardrobe, I’m currently working on that).



This is a really fascinating read about what went wrong during Mass Effect Andromedia’s development.


Wow. What a shit show. That was a painful read.


I can’t say I’m surprised.

I’ve recently started it, but the game is hell-bent on knee-capping itself every chance it gets.

With a bit more polish and time it could have realised its potential - like including a DA:I / W3 style minimap!


I know @Bruce is going to be happy about this.



Seriously though, this sounds great. I love that level and the changes / updates / new stuff sounds like great additions.



You can see some of it here.


With the remaster Wipeout: Omega collection out, it now turns out this mad love letter to the future racer genre is coming to PS4 / XB1 for September:

The footage is PC, if they can replicate it on PS4, the console will be doping well as it looks truly insane, in a good way.

EDIT: Amazon has just done a big price drop on Horizon Zero Dawn - down to £29.99!


Wolfenstein 2 trailer. The first game was solid so looking forward to what looks like more of the same.


Cuphead comes out September 29th! Finally!




I just tried to edit my post but managed to delete it, so this thread is going to be very confusing for people now. :slight_smile:




See what I mean.