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Something else to remember is that GameStop has placed an emphasis on used games over new ones. This US chain has a different priority set. I posted this article back on February 1:

GameStop is basically becoming resale shop/thrift store. A very large distribution point in the US is de-emphasizing new games. They are also closing stores. If they go under, that could wreck the used games market here and drive gamers to digital downloading as there is no longer an aftermarket.


I guess if the move to digital comes naturally there is not a lot the retailers can do… it will mean the price of digital content won’t come down much though, as lowering it at that point doesn’t make much sense if people are willing to pay it.


From the article above:

“Circle of Life” has long been a buzzword at GameStop, which makes the bulk of their profits off sales of pre-owned games and hardware, much to the dismay of video game publishers. In GameStop’s eyes, the transaction of video games is meant to be circular: You buy a game, trade it in, and use the extra cash to buy another game—ideally pre-owned.

GameStop may be inadvertently driving a move to digital. I think if the used market goes away, publishers may have a hard time justifying the high price tag if gamers know they won’t make any of it back.


That would potentially make a good price war between consoles.

I can’t remember the last time we had a really good price war.


Fuck PC’s

They’re nothing but hassle.

And that was what I grew up with back when everyone else had Amiga and Atari ST.

If consoles were to die out I’d stop gaming.



What have computers ever done for anybody!!?



Awww… but de wobot we de cuddles.


Me too, I think that’s my aversion to them. When people talk about the face animation in the new Mass Effect I struggle not to shout “Jetset Willy” at them!

I have a Republic Of Gamers laptop for work but I doubt I’d even play solitaire on it if I was skiving.


It’s not necessarily like that though. I’m not talking your typical PC setup with a keyboard and mouse. Internally an X-Box technically is a PC.

The point is that the move from Playstation is removing the hardware component from the equation. In theory with a browser you could play their games on a Nintendo or X-Box or an Android box. Think of it more in the sense of the development of Netflix, originally you needed a dedicated DVD player, then you could stream on a PC, now with a cheap device like a Chromecast you can select from your phone while sat on the sofa.

I am speculating, I can’t see the end game but can see trends, however I’m not suggesting at all that I think the future will be a PC setup. More that it will be hardware agnostic and delivered online.


Leaked trailer for Star Wars Battlefront 2:


That looks pretty good. I liked Battlefront a lot but it definitely suffered from the lack of a decent solo campaign. I hope the sequel makes up for it.


Just saw yesterday’s news about Uncharted: The Lost Legacy:

Looks like it’s going to be a mid-budget game. Base have it in the UK for £25:

(And it comes with a free digital copy of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy to boot.)


I just read that X Box are offering a full refund for any game purchased within 2 weeks with less than 2 hours gameplay. There’s your fatal blow to traditional retail distribution.


Same than the Steam refund policy then…


Yes, Steam have been doing something similar for a while, haven’t they? It makes sense - it essentially gives you a free demo for any game.


It’s specially useful for when you buy a game that you can’t make work, or your computer is to old for, or when you screw up buying something, like I did in december… bought a game, then immediatly noticed it was cheaper in a trilogy pack, so I refunded it, then bought the pack… It was quick and painless =)


I guess the specs issue isn’t such a problem for consoles where everything is much more standardised.

I think it’s probably more of an incentive to buy with ‘no risk’, following the same logic as the kind of money-back guarantees that you see in other areas (ie. that the hit you take from the people who would have bought anyway and then ask for their money back is far outweighed by the benefits from those people who are encouraged by the policy to take a punt, and don’t then claim the refund).



Nice thread placement.