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I think there were some Inquisition resource missions but I haven’t done many of them - in any case, there isn’t that level of choice on them too.

I haven’t actually finished the main game of DAI so guess what’s just gone to the top of the to-do games pile?


Announcing The Disney Afternoon Collection! 6 classic games (DuckTales, DuckTales 2, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2, Darkwing Duck, and TaleSpin), new modes, Rewind & more! Coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on April 18, for just $19.99!



Will definitely get that.


Wow those are some good games.

Not too easy though.


Games aren’t supposed to be easy!


Shhh, Anders

We don’t talk about difficulty in this thread…



Ever play Power Strike on the Master System?

It was a vertical shooter, 6 levels, really great 2-weapon system of power-ups and it had… Adaptative difficulty.

If you started slaughtering all that came against you, the game responded accordingly, if you kept the slaughter going, it threw a huge amount of fire in your direction until the inevitable. Until you died, at which point you were screwed, because like Diamond’s comic £-$ conversion rate, the difficulty tended to go up and not down. IF you survived for long enough, it did adjust… A little.

Brilliant little game, only ever made it to Level 6 once or twice.


No, I haven’t tried it. Is there any reasonably working converted version? I love retro games, so… :wink:



I have played it, it must’ve been twenty or so years ago. Whoah.



Circle of life.


:laughing: Perfect.


I have railed against Gamestop before, but it is so confounding to me. I know they bought up all of their competition but their stores are shitholes with stuff falling on the floor everyone and gunky carpet, their staff is always way overworked, they kill the industry by aggressively pushing customers from new product to pre-owned (and don’t even offer good deals). Is this the best we can do?

I went into one today, because I was buying shoes next door. There are three Gamestops within a half mile of each other (literally) in this area. It was completely miserable. I guess you can’t help who gamers are and your customer base is, but there were no women whatsoever and every dude in there looked like a mouth breather straight off of the sexual offenders watch list, wearing dirty clothes and appearing as if they hadn’t been outside in days. There was one really tall, really fat guy, who was breathing extremely heavily like he was about to keel over. He, I kid you not, let rip a massive wet fart around three or four children.

Anyway, it blows my mind that no competitor hasn’t risen up to offer a much better, much more inclusive and more fun customer experience. Aren’t games supposed to be fun? It’s like @Jim says about comic book stores too. It feels like there is a great business opportunity here for the right entrepreneurs.


There are definitely no stores like that here.


To be clear there all alternatives. I either buy from a local chain of record stores that also sells games, or from Amazon. And you can always do Target or Wal-Mart or Best Buy, the big box stores.

I’m just surprised that this is the only chain solely devoted to video games. The game publishers big and small must secretly loath this situation…they’re being shafted out of tens of millions each year by Gamestop’s business practices and the customer experience is really terrible for the image of their industry.


Video game distribution looks like its toast. Digital downloading looks to be the clear future - even more than music and comics, there’s no value in owning the game and being able to store all your games on a hard drive is clearly more convenient.


The only reason physical distribution still exists is because games are enormous to download and easier to pirate if solely digital.


There’s no issue with movies which I think are bigger data and have the same risk.

It has to come. Digital is inevitable.


Movies aren’t bigger data?

Mass effect Andromeda is 42gbs.

You can download a film, depending on definition, for anywhere between 1gb - 10gb. Even 4K films aren’t even half the size of modern games.

I agree that it has to come - but there are reasons why the physical market hasn’t died as quickly as blockbuster or hmv.