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I’ll give Robert 10 million dollarydoos for his copy of Zelda.

I hear it’s very tasty.


Ok, Amazon just engaged in some really dirty pool: They’ve offered me the download copy of Zelda, supposedly at the same price as the disc copy I had at £38, with £5 off!

Good deal, right? So I give it a go and what happens? £59.99 down to £54.99! The only saving reflected on the ‘final order page’ is the £5 off. Tried again and noticed there was a code to input too, the result? £17 off so £42.99, still £5 more!

Crafty bunch of bastards, nice try, but nope, not doing that.



They need to get in touch with those places struggling to recycle them.


I’m not sure if that’s dirty pool, Ben.

That just sounds like they were doing a 5 pound off sale and you had a code for 30% off. Usually you don’t get the “general” discount if you’ve got a code for a better one - they don’t stack.

Anyway, just had a bit of a look myself and you might be interested to know that the US Amazon site ( is selling the digital download code for 59.99US while is selling it for 59.99 pounds - pretty sure the US and UK currencies aren’t at parity :wink:


It’s still phrasing suggesting one thing when it’s actually another - not that I haven’t taken and put the £5 to use mind.

In any case, I can wait.


Might be smart - seems like the UK is a bit of an expensive place to buy Zelda at the moment.


Or anything - YEY BREXIT!


Has anyone heard of or played NieR Automata? It currently has a 94 rating on Metacritic. It’s a JRPG, and my mileage can vary with those (not a fan of the new FF, for example), but I’m certainly intrigued.



Europe’s having a fire sale on all things British?


I’ll give you 10 euros for the lot. Take it or leave it.


There was a demo of it that you could download, not sure if it’s still on PSN though.

I didn’t get on with it at all, but it was trying to do something a bit different.


You say that now but you’ll change your tune when Britain arrives on your doorstep and you find it includes a non-returnable Middlesbrough :anguished:



But what’s stopping me onselling Middlesbrough to Putin ?

See, I’ve thought ahead!



Final trailer just released… Less than two weeks now, I can’t wait, loved the original trilogy so high hopes for this.


Oh, thanks, will have to watch that.

From the exploration one I got an influence of DA:I to a degree, but as I like that game, not a problem for me.


Apparently Witcher III had a big influence and cross over within the bioware teams for this too, and I’ve heard very good things about it but haven’t had the chance to play it.

The exploration aspect is what draws me to Mass Effect most but I’m looking forward to a strong story too - though hopefully the accounts of still being able to explore and do side missions after completing the main one are true. I don’t think it will be everyone’s cup of tea, Mass Effect never was, but it does seem like they’ve kept very much to the core of what the franchise is and aren’t trying to water it down at all, in fact, the opposite.


Mass effect and Arkham were the defining series of the last gen for me.
I’m desperately hoping this does not become a DA:I style collectathon. The balance of exploration//collection and actual game I were about right in the previous MEs.
DA:I was just a grind
I have my copy of Andromeda coming on launch day so here’s hoping my calendar is clear that day :grinning:


That wasn’t the influence I had in mind, but rather the organisation / world-building of DAI.

From the exploration trailer ME:A has you building relationships with various societies on various planets, solving problems so you can start to build settlements, which in turn helps develop the Nexus further and give greater support resources for missions.


Yeah that sounds better. The organisation building part of DA was good. It really felt epic in scope, particularly towards the end.
It was the ridiculousness of needing to physically go and grind for 60 shiny blue gold metal balls to get the armour i wanted that was mind numbing.
It also ran totally contrary to the epic organisation building. I understand you need to explore to find resources, but in my mind, once found you should be able to remotely exploit them. You are the leader of an army, you shouldn’t have to keep going out to collect being herbs. Just tell some minion where you found them and send them off.