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Will have to see how it works out, but it looks like the profile set-up will allow you to build sets of abilities and then flick between them - can see what they’re going for, quicker combat with more skills / strategy.


Rogue Trooper game getting a remake / update for current gen consoles.



I was told a lot of the criticism stems from the fact that the beta test for multiplayer was cancelled.

Also some idiots contend that Bioware deliberately made the female version of Ryder look ugly in comparison to the original model whereas the male character looks identical to his inspiration.


It would appear you shouldn’t try to snack on switch cartridges

Nintendo Switch cartridges ‘taste so bad’ -


It’s the same stuff they use in those “don’t bite your fingernails” varnishes, which I was subjected to a lot as a kid and kinda lost my revulsion for.

All these rave reviews calling Zelda “possibly the best game ever made” sure aren’t making the wait til tomorrow any easier.


Are you getting a Switch?


The… Questions this brings up not withstanding.

…but is this a confession of your plan to eat the Zelda cartridge?


Not yet. I’ve got a pre-order for the Wii U version of Zelda.

Tim, who can say if I’m going to eat a Switch cart. I’d think not, but we can never rule these things out completely.


My RPG group has a years long tradition of varnishing other members candy and crisps with that stuff when they interrupt the game and leave the room for whatever reasons. :smiley:


While I’m sure this is completely wrong, I do find myself agreeing with the criticisms that the female Ryder model looks a little odd in the gameplay videos.


Zelda is getting terrific reviews – 98 on Metacritic



Yeah, but it tastes like crap :angry:


Just saw this news item on GOG

[quote]Shovel Knight, the award-winning platformer that devout lovers of the genre are constantly raving about, is 33% off for a few more hours. Grab it while it’s hot!
Starting tomorrow, March 3rd, the game will be getting a permanent price increase. This will better reflect the free content that the game has received since its release, as well as the upcoming free update that will be added to it later this spring.[/quote]

The price is going up because of all the added extra free content. :confused: I do get their reasoning (the extra content is “free” for people who already bought the base game) but there’s no way of phrasing it that doesn’t sound contradictory.


Every Switch in the state is sold out. Nintendo could only fill one out of every five preorders.

Not too surprising. I guess the question is whether any will be available at the holidays.


Were you planning to get one?


Well… I was half-considering buying one.

I’m sure that’ll be impossible anyway.


I did not preorder one but I thought if I went to the store at 9 and they had some I would get one. So I wanted one but not desperately.

I do have a Wii U copy of Zelda waiting for me after work. It’s going to be a long day.


You’ve done well to get that! Some of the prices being bandied around online for it are crazy.