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Thimbleweed Park Release Date! by Ron Gilbert - Feb 27, 2017

We had a big meeting this morning and decided that we should announce the release date.

So set your calendar reminders, make sure you’ve got your “I’m starting to feel sick” routines prepped for the day before release…

You’ll be able to play Thimbleweed Park on Thursday, March 30th!!!

The game will be released on Mac, Windows, Linux and Xbox One. Other platforms will follow in a few months.

That is all. Grab a goodie bag on your way out.

  • Ron


Lo-oo-ok at this, looks so smart:

EDIT: Was watching a couple of gameplay vids, where both mentioned that the game is pretty brutal. At the same time, however, I remembered Monolith Soft have been involved in this Zelda.

Why does that matter? Because in both Xenoblade games done so far, they deliberately opted for a system where the player might get killed by some very strong enemies they stumble on in exploring but that would be the only punishment as it were. You’d get killed, then placed at your last checkpoint, you wouldn’t lose inventory or other progress.

I’m hoping they’ve had a similar influence on this because, if they have, it’ll enable a very sharp game but with a sense of fairness too.


I got killed in my ten minute demo the other weekend. It didn’t set me too far back. Can’t remember if I got to keep the items or not though.


Sounds encouraging, thanks



Man - the IGN comments thread for basically any video for Mass Effect: Andromeda are really brutal.

Everything from design, to animations, to hud overlay, to dialogue is being torn apart.

I have to admit - I think the graphics look cool, and the gameplay and voiceovers sound fine.

Was there some kind of production coup that happened during the making of this game? All the dissenters seem to be old-school Mass Effect fan boys.


Never read comment threads on video game sites.


Yeah -

Yeah - they’re just… they just sound like a bunch of really fucked up people.


I’m starting to tune out a lot of the crap that gets thrown around:

  • Looks crap in 1080p HDR
  • Frame-rate
  • Technical graphic tricky thingy doesn’t work

Not least because when I’m playing games I don’t notice it, save perhaps for an obvious pop-in and that can be understandable due to the scale of the games now.

Though, it is Mass Effect, there will be some nursing a grudge from 5 years ago still over Mass Effect 3. Now what’s the term for that? Oh yes: SAD. (If you’re really still pissed over ME3, just bail completely rather than crapping on any new game in the series.)

Also this:

Very, very true, for the entire internet really.


Jeez, Ben, that hurts.




It’s the grown-up thing to do. Did I have issues with Uncharted 3? Oh yes.

Do I then spend lots of time crapping on Uncharted 4 without ever playing it? Nope.


Ben can’t see your tears, Tim. You’re just another comment to be ignored.




Mass-Effect-fans are just nitpicking nerd-patrols, buggering on about everything; one-dimensional characters, casting, last-minute editorial changes, unsatisfying third act and open-ended conclusion… Endless debates on those subjects. It’s not worth anyone’s time, to be honest. Let’s have intelligent discussion instead. Maybe about the recent installments in the DC Cinematic Universe?:smiling_imp:


Reality punch Mr Oz!

Bubastus is behind everything!



And you thought I was harsh Tim…

EDIT: Changing tack - the 3GB install for Zelda on the Wii U is now said to be from the disc, so no internet needed, but neither can you pre-load - I can live with that.



Video game fans on the internet are like…Everything on the internet. Loud and negative. Everything BioWare does is terrible according to them. Yet they keep coming back. I’m still stoked for Andromeda.


I’m super excited for it though I am concerned about some of the changes they seem to have made to the combat. I was reading that Destiny was their inspiration for the combat this time. I’m worried that they’ve dropped the ability to pause the combat to select abilities and plan your assault.