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That’s pretty fair, assuming and hoping that’s what it is!


I never played Full Throttle so I’m actually looking forward to giving this remastered version a bash.


Oh? What changed?


Oh, I was just being greedy - Zelda looks increasingly tempting on Switch – the more I see of it. Tis very pretty.

And Martin reminded me how much I enjoy opening treasure chests.


Yeah, there is that - not as if PS4 and MEA is going to disappear either.


Yes but I just so happen to have Andromeda day booked off work.


It can be a Zelda day instead, right?






You know, you might now still end up doing that due to a new vid that just came out:

This sounds like it could be so good if they achieve - they’re laying claim to total customisation!


In what will practically be a recommendation for Horizon: Zero Dawn, having looked over the various reviews, my conclusions were:

  • Beautiful game world
  • Inspired enemy design

But these are more than counter-balanced by:

  • Severely likely to piss me off very badly

So, that says it’ll probably be a great game for everyone else but not for me!

See? Told you it’d be a recommendation.


Why do you think it will piss you off.

What I’ve seen so far suggests the real fun is just wandering the country to explore and hunt.


Combat with enemies able to kill you in 1-2 hits.

Doesn’t mean I’ll never give it a whirl, just that I don’t think blowing £42 on it now is a good idea.

(The more I spend on a game the more I expect from it so, if I wait and give it a go when it hits the £20-25 mark, I probably won’t be quite so unforgiving towards it.)

EDIT: Also looks to have a fair bit in common with Tomb Raider, which had bits I loved, but also sections that drove me nuts. Now, that doesn’t mean Tomb Raider wasn’t a quality game it was, just not for me and I wouldn’t say my experience is either transferable or universal.


I want to get this, Andromeda and Nioh - but I’ve told myself I’m not buying anymore games until I finish Fallout 4 - and that’s a while away - probably 6 weeks.


I think it’ll definitely be one for you given the array of tools it looks to give you, as you really liked that aspect of MGS5.

I still think H:ZD looks excellent, the kind of exclusive the PS4 needs - distinctive, with nothing else like it in terms of gameworld.

(The lesson of recent months is a game can be excellent and still not be for me.)


What was left of Irrational Games is reborn as Ghost Story Games, under the leadership of Ken Levine


Zero Dawn doesn’t sound like something I will enjoy.
All that talk of resource collecting doesn’t instil me with much enthusiasm.
My dragon age experience left me wary of huge open world’s where you just experience the world and collect endless bits of rock and wood.
If I want to experience a world and collect rock and wood I’ll go for a god damned walk.
I want to spend my RPGs meeting cool characters and being pulled in by their stories.
I think I’ll wait on the collective view here before I think about giving it a shot.


I’m really liking what I see of this:

By going away from the realistic style, Ninty have both made the game stand out in aesthetic terms, while covering up the Wii U’s lack of graphical punch relative to PS4 / PS4 Pro.


The remake of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap will include retro mode


Shadow of Mordor is getting a sequel.