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Note: This article contains content some readers might find objectionable.

It was shocking. And I watched all three videos to make sure.


NSFW glitch? Who’s getting away with playing VR games at work, let alone Dead or Alive ones?


Probably not as many as there are people at work reading clickbait stories.


They should just put a “nude” option and stop beating around the bush… no pun inteneded :smile:


Of course not, there was no bush in that video.



In my last workplace there was tech support team for the PC gaming rigs. They sat in a room playing games between calls so they’d know the issues from callers.

Such an amazing job, I’d have asked for a transfer if it weren’t for the salary being less than half mine. :smile:


downloading that im-frigging-mediately


That sounds like the old Nintendo Hotline team. There was a good article about that on the AV Club.


New Zelda video:

It’s the first one where I’ve watched it and gone: Yeah, that’s looking really good.

Somehow, they’ve taken your standard open world game but given it far more of a sense of character and personality via the art style.



DLC coming for Zelda; Breath of the Wild.

[quote]The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch and Wii U is one of the largest, most engaging video games Nintendo has ever created. While the main game offers players an engrossing quest that will keep them entertained for hours, as well as the freedom to explore the vast Hyrule at their own pace, the game world provides a rich canvas that offers the opportunity for additional adventures. As a result, the first-ever downloadable content for the mainline The Legend of Zelda series is in development.

Starting when the game launches on 3rd March, players will be able to purchase an Expansion Pass for £17.99/€19.99, granting access to two new sets of downloadable content for the game when they become available later this year. Immediately upon pre-purchase or purchase of the Expansion Pass, three new Treasure Chests will appear in the game’s Great Plateau area. One of these Treasure Chests will contain a shirt with a Nintendo Switch logo which Link can wear during his adventure, exclusive to the Expansion Pass. The other two Treasure Chests will deliver useful items. The first content pack is scheduled to launch this summer and will include the addition of a Cave of Trials challenge, a new hard mode and a new feature for the in-game map. The second content pack will launch in Holiday 2017, and adds new challenges that will let players enjoy a new dungeon and a new original story. The Expansion Pass will be available for both the Nintendo Switch and Wii U versions of the game and are identical. Content packs cannot be purchased individually.

“The world of Hyrule which we created for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is so large and vibrant that we wanted to offer more for players to experience within it,” said Nintendo developer Eiji Aonuma, the long-time producer of the series. “With this new Expansion Pass, we hope that fans will play, explore and enjoy the game even more.”[/quote]

Key bit for me.

Also, it’s not really the first DLC for a Zelda game - Link To The Past had a master quest exclusive to Japan as DLC through the Satellaview system.


I was all set for Mass Effect and a PS4 but now I’m conflicted again.


There are a lot of previews out for Arkane’s Prey, and it is really looking like it falls in the middle of the System Shock / BioShock family tree.


Some background for Prey’s world

Game will be out in May, and there is a preorder bonus pack for those that care:


Paying for Hard Mode in the Zelda pass seems so dirty. Nintendo makes me feel conflicted because I’m getting a Switch and that game (it looks genuinely fantastic and few games excite me like that one does), but as someone that’s played a lot of video games and enjoys a challenge, even often starting games on their hardest difficulty…come on!

That Prey gameplay looks interesting. I’m a sucker for an FPS that can set an atmosphere and really make you enjoy the world. Seems like it might do that.


Thing is, “hard mode” for Zelda usually means Master Quest and those aren’t that common. Link to the Past’s was DLC via the Satellaview. Ocarina of Time’s was meant to be on the 64DD, got scrapped and only came out on the GameCube. And there’s usually more to them than just tougher enemies. So, for a game of the size of Breath of the Wild, I can see it as DLC being justifiable.


I missed this trailer when it got released in December.

Full Throttle’s not the best of the LucasArts adventures, but it is very good and I’m keen to play this remaster.


I liked Full Throttle a lot at the time (partly for the great music, it must be said). I don’t know whether I should revisit it though - it can’t hold up. :slight_smile:


I replayed it last year (or the year before) and it’s definitely solid. It should benefit from the FPS driving bits being graphically upgraded (and that secret entrance puzzle being tweaked, hopefully). Plus it’s got Mark Hamill in it, what more do you need?


No, future generations must suffer as we did.