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I buy from a local chain that sells games, music, and movies.

Once or twice a year Gamestop will have a “buy two get one free” sale and I’ll pick up three games, but usually ones that are a few years old and cheap. On the last one a few months back I got Alien Isolation and Lego Marvel, stuff like that.

I don’t get the people who are buying recent games used for $55 instead of new for $60. If you can afford 55 you can afford 60. I don’t understand the mentality of supporting this crappy retail chain over the developers who make the actual games.


I buy a mix of preowned and new from a mix of places online and off. I’ve absolutely no loyalty to anyone. I’ve bought a few games digitally either straight from the console marketplace or through third party websites. Never paid full price for digital though - those games have always been dirt cheap in sales and cost less that a tenner.


Toys R Us do games too, but their prices are usually shocking.

Smyths sometimes have some good deals on though.


Oh, yeah, forgot about those. Smyths is ok, but I’ve never bought a game there. TRU’s too far away from me to be particularly convenient, although I did get my GameCube there back in the day.


Smyths is actually where I got my Lego Dimensions starter pack from last year. They sometimes run some decent promotions although my nearest one is far enough away that their online shop is the only way I’ve bought from them.


I must have missed this news from mid-January:

Micro Machines was one of the most fun games of the 16-bit era, so I’m quite excited for this. If it can recapture the spirit of the original then it could be very good indeed.


Talking of which… £12.99 for No Man’s Sky doesn’t seem bad.


At that price it isn’t, especially with the last update and tal of another coming out soon that’ll add ground vehicles.


That is probably the price it should have been from the start.


Nintendo emailed me asking to do a survey earlier and it had some pretty interesting questions, such as:

  • Were you satisified with your Nintendo Wii?
  • How likely are you to buy a Switch at £279
  • Which bits of this Switch advert do you like?
  • How likely are you to buy at Switch for £279
  • Do you think any of these game should be bundled with the console?
  • Seriously, do you reckon you’ll buy a Switch for £279?
  • Ok, how much would you actually pay for it?

On the one hand, it’s good to know they’re reacting to the backlash about price, bundles and games, on the other hand, the console launches in a MONTH. They really should have sorted this ages ago.


Did they mean Wii U?


On the first question? No, they meant Wii (there was picture and everything). I don’t know if I was only asked about that because it was the only device I said I hadn’t used in the last 12 months or (more likely) they’re trying to work out if marketing the Switch like the Wii is a good idea. When it was talking about which feature of the console you prefer, one of the options was motion controls and “new ways to play” etc

It also asked “if you were to talk to a friend about the Switch, would you describe it as a handheld, a home console or something else”, which suggests to me that they haven’t worked out whether to market it as a replacement for the 3DS or not.


Well the Wii sold by the truckload so I would say…yeah, market like that.

I am playing wait and see with the Switch, for the first time with a Nintendo console ever. I think I would buy it at launch if Mario was coming out then, but where are the games?


They’re on discs that you put inside the Switch device so that you can play them.



You’re welcome. But I’m not a real captain.


The Switch isn’t a disc based system…


I thought they were on carts, not discs?

Edit: Ninja’d by Martin!


A cart full of games? Now there’s a retro idea I can get behind!