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Do not underestimate the DLCs, they ain’t your standard add-on material.

They’re also quite excellent.

You’ll be stunned by the achievement that is Beauclair.


No - that’s why I said at least another two weeks.

I figure there’s probably about 60 hours of gameplay between the two of them?


It’s hard to know the timing I spent due to the game clock being glitched, unless it got fixed, never paid much attention to it.

Their “official estimates” were 10 hours for HoS and 20 hours for B&W. Personally, I’d say that’s crap and there’s far more in each, especially if you go exploring.


There is zero chance of me ever playing Resident Evil VR. I’m scared just thinking about playing it.


Yeah. Don’t.

Honestly, it’s like being inside a horror movie.

It’s not even that much action, it’s just so much suspense.


Have you played Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls? If so, did you find Whimseydale?

If not, look it up, it’s gloriously bonkers.


So - is there another area for HoS?

I know that Blood and Wine is the Duchy of Toussaine (I’m guessing) but Heart of Stone just seems to open up a little bit of Velen/Novigrad up the top?


Yep, but it’s still quite a substantive add-on.

Go in expecting your standard DLC add-on and it’ll kick the crap out of you for starters.


Huh - in all honesty, it doesn’t seem like that much of new space to explore, but maybe I’m just comparing it to what I’ve seen of the map of Toussaine.

Am I right to think that tackling Heart of Stone first is the right move?


Yes, do Hearts of Stone first.

In comparison to Toussaint, it’s never going to match up to that - and B&W has a graphics boost too - HoS was intended as an appetiser ahead of the banquet of B&W.

Of course, what CDPR consider to be an appetiser is a fair bit more substantive than say EA or Ubisoft…

Right, time to call it a day, got work tomorrow and it’s midnight!


I just looked it up. I’d quite like some cosmic wings.

It also reminds me of a gloriously bonkers moment in Witcher 2. Except I didn’t mean bonkers exactly.


And you didn’t even light the VR candle?




This is some seriously fucked up shit:


That’s incredibly shitty. Having worked retail though, it seems a fairly natural and logical progression of the upselling and extras targets given to staff.

When I was working for Iceland (frozen food shop) they replaced the cards for the Home Delivery scheme with overall loyalty cards and demanded that we get every customer, not just HD customers, using them. We were given “swipe rates” of 35% to hit (and that was set to increase as the scheme went on), with the implication being that there would be disciplinary action if you repeatedly fell under that. Trouble is, the benefits of the cards were so vague and intangible that no-one was interested, so cashiers ended up keeping a dummy card with them at the till to swipe through just to keep their swipe rates up. It was a complete nonsense, but one that the head office seemed desperately keen on (they seemed to have dropped it now, as whenever I go in to buy stuff, I’m rarely asked for a card).


For a second time, a spiritual sequel to the Geneis/Megadrive Mutant League Football and Mutant League Hockey games is having a kickstarter.


GameStop is a terrible company and has been for some time. I would only go there if you really have no alternative. I know they bought out all their competition in the early 2000s but it’s incredible no company has stepped up since, as their customer service experience is so awful that you think people would gladly hop to a competitor. (I personally never shop there but I have decent alternatives)

Beyond that, their focus on used over new has been terrible for the industry in general.


I am not a gamer at all (outside of a couple game apps for my phone).

Out of curiosity, where does everyone get their games from?


The Evil Empire (aka Amazon)


Online, pretty much entirely now. The only physical retail places for new games now are supermarkets, HMV (neither of which stock Wii U games generally, and that’s my main console atm) and GAME, who are shite. So some times Amazon, but I try to spread it around. The Game Collection are very good, but have a limited product range.