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I don’t need an army, I have a Krogan. :joy:


Hol Lee Fuk!

That looks good.


I think I might be taking a few days off work when Mass Effect drops.


My wife offered to get it for me as a birthday present and I told her that if she did it would have to be with the understanding that I would kiss her goodbye and then move onto the couch and live there for the next month.


Are you sure she’s not buying it for herself? You might get to the couch and find she’s already living there.


Nah if it’s not Mario she’s not interested.


My problem is that I like them both.

I have booked time off work to head to Andromeda via a console I don’t actually own yet. This is also a problem. The Tempest might leave without me.


There’s one big question hanging over Andromeda for me: Have they taken account of how Witcher 3 changed the expectations for open-world quests and writing?

Dragon Age: Inquisition preceded that, Final Fantasy XV came out later but shows its older heritage with its quests being the way they are. In contrast, Andromeda likely has had sufficient time to respond the other two didn’t. If I get a standard fetch quest it’ll be disappointing.


Maybe I’m being forgetful but I don’t really remember any of the ME games having much in the way of fetch quests.


And have they considered Just Cause 2 (and 3) and its astonishing discovery that blowing up shit is the most important mechanic of them all?


One of the few benefits of my current working arrangement is that I get and hour or 2 every day to play PlayStation.
Roll on march :grinning:


It could be pretty boring cos you know…


Couple of new Horizon: Zero Dawn videos:

I remain ambivalent as to whether it’s a good game for me:

Pro: Game looks fantastic, with smart world design
Pro: Level up, ability upgrade system too

Con (potentially): Apparently IGN thinks every fight matters with enemies able to kill you in 3-4 hits, which could be a problem.
Pro: On the other hand, Guerilla did KZ2 / KZ3 and I liked both of those and they came with difficulty settings, may well be a more accessible difficulty setting included.
Pro: Enemies do look to have a visual cue for their attacks and there is a good dodge move. KZ2 / KZ3 did allow for a good amount of strategy too.

Need a review of the final game to really decide this.


Ben - I’m not sure if you ever played Killzone?

It was hard. Very intense combat all the time.


Did both of them on “easy”, which wasn’t really that accurate a description, but the game played fair, hard but fair - if you got whacked but knew the cover points, you might regain enough health to kill all your enemies. You might just about kill everyone with a sliver of health remaining or vice versa.

Equally you could learn their patterns and then plan for them. The Helghast were bloody excellent to kill, sure there was a bullet-spongy aspect to them but it made sense as they were seriously armoured.

And yeah, the intensity was nuts - in Killzone, you moved carefully.

Killzone 2 was one of the first games that came along to say: The PS3 can do this!


My proposal to you, Ben, is if you can survive this:

You’ll never be angry at a videogame again.


Fuck off. No. Fucking. Way. Am I that stupid.

Your posts on your experience, however, were hilarious because they were so true.

Any chance of a sequel set?


I don’t know - I literally played it for maybe 30 minutes and was like - “noooope, too intense for me right now, nooooooope.”

I plan to pick it up again after I finish Witcher 3 (I’ve just Rescued Ciri from the Isle of Mists ) and the two DLC packs.

Which I anticipate is at least another 2 weeks or so. Then I might be ready… maybe.

Hopefully they’ll have provided some kind of “scaredy-cat” patch by then where everything is rainbows and ponies.


You don’t have that much remaining of the main game, it picks up a lot of pace after the Isle of Mists and it’s where quite a few of your decisions from earlier in the game start to impact.


Yeah - I had a peek at the IGN guide and I figure I should be able to finish the main quest by today or tomorrow.

I’m on level 29 right now and I’m just starting to hit the right levels to use the good Witcher Gear (my aim is to complete the Mastercraft Wolf set - I’m just currently capable of using the Superior Wolf set).

After that I’ll play through Heart of Stone and maybe do a few contracts and sidequests that are left. Once that’s all tidied up ill give Blood and Wine a shot.