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Nintendo aren’t renowned for their innovation because of any old thing you know.


All in all, I’m a little underwhelmed by the Switch’s launch prospects.

The only launch game I’m swayed by is Zelda and I can (and will) get that for Wii U (here’s hoping there are no significant differences). 1, 2, Switch! looks pretty gimmicky (as a pack-in with the console, like Wii Sports, that’d have been fine, but not for £50); I have no interest in a motion control fighting game, thanks Arms; Splatoon is wonderful, but I’m terrible at it, so Splatoon 2 is a easy miss for me; I already own Mario Kart 8, so am not desperate to pay £50 for an enhanced port.

Having to pay for online services is disappointing (because I don’t do it enough to warrant a subscription) and £280 for the console and no game is at least £30 too much for me. (The Pro Controller is £65 as well, which is WAY too much).


I think the price point is probably going to be the real killer (here, at least). When you can pick up a PS4 or XB1 with a game for under £200 (and enjoy a back catalogue that includes quite a few fairly cheap decent games), will people pay more than £100 more for the Switch? The portable gimmick looks interesting but I’m not sure whether there will be wide interest in it, and I think people will be wary of whether there will be decent third-party support to provide a decent catalogue of games.

I don’t know, I just get the feeling buyers in general may be more inclined to play wait-and-see with this one after the way the Wii U played out.


And just when Tim had me persuaded by the innovative battery life. :wink:

I haven’t had a chance to look at it properly yet. By the sounds of things, I’d have to agree with you. Splatoon was a lot of fun though. There’s always Yooka Laylee, but then again you can get it for PS4.


I haven’t got a PS4 (currently - may get one in the next few months now) but it’s on PC as well, which is pretty much my fallback.


I was thinking it would be a good excuse to get a PS4. :slight_smile:

It does seem apt that Yooka-Laylee will be available on cartridge even though they’re not N64-sized.


How long will that price point last. I’m not familiar with recent launches but I remember the trend for consoles used to a higher price for about 3 months for the early adopters and then it drops.


If I remember rightly they usually manage to keep it going at a similar level until around the first Christmas after launch (or the Christmas after in the case of systems launched very close to Christmas).

The PS4 and XB1 have had progressive tiers of price drops so I think you’re right to predict a decline, but (given the Switch is meant to be coming in March) I would say maybe around Christmas is the first time you’d see big discounts.

Edit: there’s some data here on price drops, but it doesn’t seem to have been recently updated for the current generation.


You need to factor in that Nintendo are stubborn as well. I can’t see them slashing the price until well after the first year unless it really tanks (like they did with the N64, two months after launch, which got them a lot of shit and they had to compensate early adopters for, IIRC).

Also, Nintendo don’t (publicly) set an RRP in Europe these days, after a price fixing allegation a while back, so prices are technically up to retailers, I think. It’s murky.


Zelda in March? Fuck, that month is going to be both brilliant and financially brutal for gamers:

Horizon: Zero Dawn + Mass Effect : Andromeda + Zelda = Game Heaven / Money Hell

Oh and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on Switch? Are they taking the piss? I’m not saying I wouldn’t be open to a console package along the lines of what they did for Xenoblade Chronicles X with the Wii U but it’d need a big price drop and the game needs to be absolutely spectacular for me to justify it. (Hmm, GCN BC via VC might help I suppose.)

EDIT: Of course, in response to the Zelda trailer, some wit came up with:


This looks great:


Yeah, I wasn’t sure when I heard the concept but the trailer makes it work and a big Mario game is one of the things Wii U never had.


Wii U is the first Nintendo console I haven’t got, but Switch is very tempting.


One decision I’m not convinced by is setting the memory at 32GB.

Sure, it can be expanded by Micro SD cards, but this was the big error Ninty made on the Wii U. (The Wii was before digital took off and game download sizes expanded.)


Yeah, I filled my Wii U up and had to resort to USB expansion, mainly due to Smash Bros DLC. 32GB really isn’t practical these days.


This could end up being an interesting title:


I’ve just made the mistake of watching gameplay footage of Zelda and now I think Switch is the best console ever.


Herpy derpy gobsmack! That looks super awesome!

I mean, crazy super uber awesome.

They should have called it Grand Theft Mario’s Creed. Bring on the memes!


Wii U may still be the better option for Zelda, as the GamePad screen acts as map/items screen.

(Note to self - return to Wind Waker HD to test this hypothesis)


It would if the GamePad screen acted in that way for the new Zelda, but it doesn’t for either system, yet. I also watched the graphics comparison video. There’s a fair bit of difference.