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It looks like the Tomb Raider engine!


I am very keen on Horizon Zero Dawn. I think it looks gorgeous. I just don’t know if I will finish Final Fantasy first.


It does look very pretty.

It’s the same engine that was used for Killzone Shadow Fall. Someone mentioned it here before, I think it was Ross.


Is Zero Horizon by the same team that did the Mad Max game? Some of the mechanics seem similar.


It’s by Guerrilla Games. I think they’ve only done the Killzone series.


Oho ? Really ought to take a look at KSF then.

KZ2 was one of the first great PS3 showcases. They also did Enslaved I think.


Afraid not. Enslaved was Ninja Theory, the team who did Heavenly Sword and DmC.
I really liked Enslaved.


Ah, then they have just done Killzone series only.

Going to be interesting to see how H: ZD turns out.


I just checked. The only other Playstation game they did was Shellshock. Never played that one.

There’s also RIGS for VR:


A good primer on what details we might expect from Nintendo on its Switch later this week:


There are leaked pictures of loads of Switch accessories from Hori here. The picture on the screen protector very much suggests a touch-screen on the tablet bit (or is just telling you to firmly press the screen protector sheet on with your fingers).


I didn’t even think about how the Switch would allow Nintendo to get back into the console accessory game. I can’t remember the last time I bought an accessory for an at home console, but ones for traveling systems were very appealing. For them I’m sure that there is a lot of profit there to pair with game sales that will help make up for the profit loss on the console since they tend to charge less for their consoles than it costs to make.


You’re off base on a lot of that. Nintendo never sell their consoles for a loss. They’re famed for it, (while other manufacturers almost always do).
There were plenty of accessories for the Wii U, 3DS, Wii, DS, so it’s not like this is something that hasn’t been done in a while. The other thing to bear in mind is that these are all 3rd party ones, so Nintendo’s only seeing a licensing fee from them (if that).


I’m quite confident the Wii U was sold at a loss, and I had heard the Gamecube was as well, but I could have been misinformed. It looks like the Switch will not be sold at a loss, so yeah, my bad.

I was mentioning accessories specifically for at home consoles becoming appealing again. Sure there are accessories for Playstaion, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles, but that doesn’t mean they are widely purchased. That’s me making an assumption though. The 3DS and the DS of course had appealing accessories since you wanted to travel with lots of pieces, but that isn’t necessarily needed for a console you plug into your TV. If the console you plug into your TV is also portable then it makes the portable accessories appealing again. I may want a bag or carrying case for my at home console for the first time ever, not to mention a screen protector.

That being said, good point about the accessories being third party. I have no idea how or if money is made by Nintendo from those products, but I would assume so.


New Horizon Zero Dawn trailer that goes a little more into the story.

I’m pretty burnt out with open world games, but I do think this looks great…


There’s quite a neat Easter Egg in that trailer.

In other news, this is looking like a return to form after the flawed Yakuza 5:


Switch reveal on now. Highlights:

Released worldwide on 3rd March,
$300 SRP.
No region locking.
Subscription required for online services, but not til the Autumn (free trial until then).


Battery life for the tablet bit claimed to be 2.5 to 6.5 hours (though the Japanese screen text only had a 3 in it).


Oooh, nice


2.5 if you’re using it and 6.5 if you’re not?