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Yeah, it’s a game I’m 50-50 on in terms of whether I can pull off what it appears to require.

Design and visials look great.

On a different note, this was good to see too:

It so happens that the new prequel Yakuza 0 is due Jan 2017 for UK/US/EU, so if so happened the remade Yakuza 1 turns up summer 2017 that’d be neat.


And Yakuza 6 has been confirmed for western release for the following year.

The DLC for Gravity Rush 2 looks promising too:


Yup, 24 Jan, got my copy pre-ordered! Sega need to be convinced to keep porting them over.

One of sequences in one of the Yakuza 0 trailers that stood out for me was a fight in the gents! Ever wanted to pile drive a guy’s head into an urinal? This is the game for you! You just know there’ll some move of some kind that’ll do it - or worse.

The way they’re going Sega is going to have to re-do Yakuza 2 at some point.

Tales of Berseria is similar, need to keep Bandai translating them, also due Jan 2017.



As impressive as that looks, I’m still disappointed that Kojima Productions can’t use the FOX Engine anymore. MGS V was one hell of a technical feat.


It’s a real shame. I wonder what Konami will do with it. The Decima engine is new – hard to judge its final capabilities since Kojima and Guerrilla are now collaborating to improve it.


Probably just more PES from the looks of things. Hopefully they’ll aim a little higher than that.

It makes sense that Kojima is using an engine made by another Sony company.


Sony has confirmed the following:

Just Neil Druckmann then, by the looks of it.


I love these stories about almost-were video games.


Not a huge surprise, but another blow to the Wii U.


This was one of the games I was really disappointed to learn wasn’t compatible on the XB1. I’m going to have to dig out the disc for my 360 copy for my next game.



“Adventure Time” Studio Rumored to Be Adapting “Castlevania”


I am buying a PS4 on 23rd March.


Hooray! What games are you going to go for?


I’m thinking of heading to the Andromeda system first. :slight_smile:


Wow, March is going to be … Expensive.

(ME Andromeda + Horizon Zero Dawn)


Is Andromeda really due that soon .
Crap. Might not have made it through my Xmas drop by then…


Yeah Andromeda’s release date was announced a couple days ago. It comes out March 21st.


I’m starting to suspect Ninty are going to make an unholy pig’s ear of the next Zelda game release:

EDIT: The middle sequence of this I’d seen some time back but the start and end sequences were new:

I remain ambivalent as to whether or not Horizon: Zero Dawn is a good game for me, regardless, some of the environment effects in the vid are excellent. I also like that it appears that not everything in the world is hostile to you