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Yeah, that’s what I saw given my quick look around. A bit worried looking at the prices of new games for the current gen - a lot of games hitting the £60 which is well out of the range I’m willing to pay for a video game!

Down the other end of the price scale I see Sleeping Dogs is one of the free Games With Gold on Xbox One in December. I freaking love Sleeping Dogs.


Some games set a pretty high RRP, but I can’t think of any game from the current generation that hasn’t been widely available at £40 or under upon release.

Which is the same as I was paying for a brand new Megadrive game 20-odd years ago, so things can’t be too bad! :slight_smile:

It’s an excellent game, very underrated I think.

Plus, it has Mama Chu!


I did bag FF15 for £37 from da Evil Empire.


Yeah, Amazon is usually good for £35ish even for the big games, and you can often do even better if you shop around and pre-order far enough in advance.


If you’ve got a Wii U, it might be worth stopping by your local Tesco. From the letters page of GameCentral.

Also, No Man’s Sky got cleared by the ASA over that false advertising claim, although a lot of that sounds like the ASA readily believing Hello Games’ waffle.


This is looking all kinds of great.

Also, the long-mentioned Marvel Telltale game has been revealed as Guardians of the Galaxy. I might end up checking it out.


Mass Effect Andromeda just switched gears to ‘awesome’…


Damn, Andromeda looks amazing. That game is going to eat away my life when it comes out.



When it comes out I’m going to kiss my wife goodbye and move into the living room to live on my couch.


Yeah, I’m in.


The last of us part 2 trailer for those who are so inclined.

Video games thread - "What are you playing?"



Another new trailer from today.


Well I guess the rumors were true then… If they’re using Captain Marvel instead of Wolverine, then it’s pretty much a bad sign for the X-Men =(


Damn that looks great!.

They announced it as being in early development. So I’m thinking maybe 2018.


I www wondering if they’d spin off Chloe (and Nadine?).

This story was actually teased in Uncharted 4 in a diary Chloe leaves for Nate at his home.

I wonder if we’ll see Sam too.


Take Uncharted, give it a female lead, and voila, Tomb Raider with better graphics! :smile:


Looks like the usual chaotic fun. The Infinity Stone system could be interesting though, depending on how it’s implemented - it reminds me a bit of the old Power Stone mechanic. Which was an awesome game (and its sequel).


Not keen on voice-over dude, but Horizon Zero Dawn looks gorgeous.
Death Stranding is using its game engine: