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From the Lego Dimensions Facebook page:

[quote]It’s cold outside…[/quote]


Video games were awesome in the early 90s.


An interesting report on how well the PS4 Pro optimisation is working for certain games:

Worth reading the full article for all the details. Optimisation seems to be a bit hit and miss depending on the game and the setup you’re using.




Looks like No Man’s Sky has just received a massive update:

And there’ll be more to come.

I think I’ll have to take a look at this now.


That’s a good start, but honestly, you should wait before buying/playing… I assume it’s still 60 bucks, it’s still nowhere near complete enough to justify that price tag.

I do hope they continue “updating” it until they get to the product they promised… I’d really like to play that.


It’s under the £30 mark over here, no idea how that translates to $ these days, but I’d be going into it with a very different set of expectations to those who bought at launch.


is it because a sale though? 'cause I see it at 40% now on steam, I’m sure it’s on sale everywhere for the balck friday/cyber monday deals =P


Just the price people and the Evil Empire are flogging it for here. If I go used it’s as low as £20 here now.


uhm… well who knows… I’m still gonna wait a couple of years I think :smile:

That should be enough for the game to get finished and the price tag to go down and have better discounts… That’s the way to go with most games these days anyways. It’s not like I don’t have a HUGE backlog of games anyways xD

But hey, at least I’m glad Hello Games are still working on their game… They could’ve just bailed on it with all that cash they made.


For me it was crafting / survival stuff that put me off, that central idea of just being able to go from planet to planet is enough for me to be happy with.


Except that it seems there’s literally nothing much to do on each new planet at the moment… Sure some randomly generated beasts and plants that look similar, but all the interactions seem to be the same. So it’s a case of quantity over quality at the moment. I’m waiting for them to change that aspect. I reckon I’d get bored of “exploring” new planets after the 10th one.

It’s a bit silly that they didn’t include some sort of mission system from the begining, tho… that would’ve helped, and it would’ve been easy enough with what they released. Oh well… still has a lot of potential, so here’s hoping. Although I feel some other company will release a game similar to this, but good, before that xD


I can only speak anecdotally.

Tomb Raider and Uncharted 4 run on 3200 on my Ps4pro and its never broken frame rate.


Does the Xbox One S have similar optimisation issues? I got one a couple months back but didn’t have the previous version of the Xbox One to compare it against (to be honest I’m not even sure what the significance of the S actually is").


No idea, but I do know that when I tried to takeoff that stand that lets you put it upright it popped off and punched me in the nose. Xbox One S is a dick.


Rumour has it that Marvel v Capcom 4 is going to be unveiled this weekend for release next year, and that it will have a bit more of a bias towards the MCU Marvel characters (with no X-Men among the lineup). Which is a shame as Wolverine was one of my favourite characters in these games.

There also seems to be a suggestion that it could be a PS4 console exclusive, following in the footsteps of Capcom’s Street Fighter V.

I have very fond memories of the first two games in the series. The second game especially was insanely good fun. I tried the third a couple of years back but it wasn’t quite up there for me.


Hmm. I was really excited by the third game, following the character announcements closely and buying it at launch. I had a lot of fun with it, but felt burned when they released the better edition of the game (with Phoenix Wright, the character I most wanted to be in the roster). I never did pick that up, and I don’t think I’ve played much of it since.
Nevertheless, I’d probably pick up 4, if it happens.


I’m really hoping that’s only a rumour (about the lack of X-men) otherwise that means that the Fox deals will screw us in a big way. The X-Men should be in the game.

Then again, these game have a tendency to not show up on PC, so screw them :smile:


Anyone preordered Red Dead Redemption 2? Any word where the best preorder price is? XBox One.


All the pre-order prices look to be £40+ at the moment so I’d probably sit tight for now, there will almost certainly be a better sub-£40 price available closer to release. It’s still a long way off yet.