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Well if we’re allowing fighting games then we get all sorts of diversity!

I think green Brazilian electric-powered monsters are still sorely under-represented in games.


I still don’t know how they got away with the whole M. Bison thing :smile:

Lucky I guess… or maybe Tyson was a fan =P


They changed the bosses’ character names around in some international versions to avoid that.

So the boxer character (originally M. Bison in the Japanese version) is called Balrog; Japan’s Vega became M. Bison; and Japan’s Balrog became Vega.

Sagat is still Sagat though. :slight_smile:


Yeah I know… although in SF1 (the very first one) Balrog’s still called M. Bison, IIRC. Also, yeah the name change is cute and all, but that would totally not fly these days :smile:

Edit:, no nevermind, he’s just called “Mike”

I do wonder why they also switched Vega’s name tho… I mean why 3 if they only needed 2? Meh… I prefer the US names anyways…


That’s even better and more blatant.



One of the bits of news out of Blizzcon 2016 is there will be a new hero class for Diablo 3… Necromancer!

The amount of stuff they’ve added to that for free really is quite something and they’re not stopping yet.


Toys R Us Canada has got the Nintendo Switch on its website, priced at $329.99 (Canadian dollars, obv). That’s just shy of $250 USD and £200, which ties in with rumours that GAME will be listing the basic model of the Switch for £199.99, with a deluxe model with a packed in game and more storage for £250. The site reporting that rumour about GAME also says Nintendo are making the console region free, which’ll be interesting.


I don’t understand the strategy behind the Nintendo’s Switch… =/

It’s like a bad idea straight out of the early 90’s… It would make much more sense for them to get into the mobile phone or tablet business than to stubornly try to redo the gameboy… again… So I think it’s gonna crash and burn rather quickly.


There’s also a rumour going around that GAME likes to dress in ladies clothes an has a semi-serious painkillers addiction.


I’ve heard that, looked into it and can totally confirm it as true. But the prescriptions aren’t in GAME’s name.


Oooh! Juicy!


Making a new handheld is “redoing the GameBoy again?” You must be furious with Apple for continually redoing the Newton with every new iPhone.


Considering the DS was still profitable 10 years after it’s launch and still sold 32 million units in 2010, which was 5 years after it launched (compare that to the 36 million PS4s and 19 million Xbox Ones sold in 2015), and is to this day the most profitable hand held console of all time, I think Nintendo are probably okay if someone thinks they’re “Redoing the gameboy”,

AND considering the total units sold of the DS and the 3DS is ALMOST DOUBLE the total units sold of the Wii and the Wii U, (sales data) I’m sure they’re happy with their decision.


Yeah that’s fine and all, however mobile phones and tablets are already (I think, but not a 100% sure) more powerful that either the DS or the 3DS, or should be very soon. Plus you can do other stuff on those as well, like make calls =P

Which is a long way of saying, it doesn’t make much sense in today’s (and specially tomorrow’s) market.

But hey, we’ll see… I don’t see it working… I might be wrong. Time will tell.


I see your point and raise you “computers v consoles”. People want dedicated gaming machines.



Looks like we won’t be playing the new Zelda in March 2017 after all and the Switch will have to rely on other launch titles:


As long as there’s something to play.


Supposedly there’s going to be a new Mario at launch. Hopefully a 3D one and not another of the New Super Mario Bros 2D series.