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20% chance? Clearly a fake as that’s far too generous for a loot box.


I completely missed this when it was released unto the world. Trailer for the upcoming Blacksad adventure game.

I’m really not convinced by the choice for Blacksad’s voice. I always read him as having a smooth, rich baritone. The studio it’s coming from doesn’t have an amazing track record either, so I’m not holding my breath on this being good, but I live in hope.


How is this is a real thing?

Not just the game, but the actual racing. So weird seeing a typical looking racing driver at the seat of an articulated lorry.

In the early 2000s the fastest growing sport was lawnmower racing.

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New joy-con colours!

The yellow is actually a pre-existing one, from ARMS, previously sold in a matched pair. But the other three colours are new. I might go for purple and orange.


Holy fucking shit, a Blacksad game?

edit: I looked at the trailer. Looks like shit compared to the comics. I mean, that watercolour art, the general tone of the stories, as you said Martin, the voice of Blacksad.

This looks like shit.

This post was a rollercoaster.


I aim to pleeeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrghhhh!

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Looks a bit linear but pretty playable.

better than the trailer but not enough to buy a new system for it(PS5)

I don’t think that the case is it? Is it not getting released in April-ish?

PS5 is in the upper corner of the screen

PS5 is not out til late 2020, it’s getting released on PS4 first I think.

ok i just saw PS5 in the upper corner and thought that it was that system it was running on.

Maybe they are running footage from it but I can’t see it being much different graphics wise on PS4. I think the main selling point of PS5 is more upping the virtual reality graphics and specs.

It doesn’t look as much fun as the Marvel Lego games.



You’re saying this like it’s a bad thing.


It’s on my bucket list of motorsports to see live.

Do you even need to do that now that you can play a realistic sim in your living room?!

Yeah I thought the big difference was that it supports 8k TVs.

Which is all well and good, although I don’t even have a 4k TV yet and don’t have a strong desire to get one, and I can’t possibly be alone there.