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Perhaps unsurprisingly, it appears Uncharted 4 has been pushed back to Spring 2016. If it means making

The Latest Tomb Raider Game
Video games thread - "What are you playing?"

Just completed Resident Evil Revelation 2, Ep 3 on PS4. The overall feel of the game is like playing RE1, RE2. Really enjoy it and looking forward to Ep4 next week!!!


Jason Voorhees is the first DLC character for Mortal Kombat X. Color me excited!



You have to hand it to them, the videogames figured out how to meld the classic look of Batman’s world and villains with a serious tone. That’s something the movies never managed (or attempted) to do.


Not a huge fan of talking LEGOS games but this does look like it could be fun.


This may bump my PS4 purchase to 2016 as well, unless some of these summer games that look promising get incredible reviews.

I’m slow though. I just started Dead Space 2. (I like it)


God of War 3 is getting a PS4 remaster in a few months:

I liked the GoW series but only ever completed 1 and 2, so if this is cheap enough then I might be convinced to pick it up and complete the trilogy. Some of the screenshots do look lovely.


Arkham Knight has been pushed back another few weeks, to June 23rd.

This new gameplay video that Rocksteady just released makes it look very cool though - particularly the batmobile stuff, which I wasn’t really sold on until now:


June 23rd? Oh well, more time to acquire the hardware and Witcher 3!

That video looks great.

Also looks like the first 2 games may get remastered for PS4 / XB1:


If they do come out on PS4 in the end then I could probably be convinced to double-dip. It’s been a while since I played them and I’d quite enjoy having another crack at them - especially if they look anywhere near as good as some of the other PS4 remasters like Tomb Raider and The Last Of Us.


Bugger, no Zelda Wii U this year… Then again, so long as Xenoblade Chronicles X comes out I’ll be happy.

Still, have to give brownie points to Nintendo for announcing it this way:


Well, that sucks. I agree on Xenoblade, and I enjoy Kirby and I’m looking forward to other games as well, but still.

Anyway it is nice with Ogul gone we can actually talk about Nintendo without him constantly jumping in to insult everyone who happens to enjoy it.


Well that won’t do. We can’t have console chat without some shitslinging.


Low blow, Sega.


I didn’t realise there was a Mad Max game coming. It sounds like it could be good going by this article:


The gameplay footage looks pretty good. I like that you can build your own crazy vehicle.


What can you guys tell me about Final Fantasy XV and Metal Gear Solid 5: The Proper One?

These are the only games that can tempt me to buy a PS4 (also, possibly Witcher 3).


Hit YouTube - there’s now a few gameplay vids of sections from each game.

From the most recent one for FFXV, it looks like it’ll operate a little like FF12, in that the game flows seamlessly between exploration and combat, but it isn’t due until 2016 now.

Witcher 3 is looking great and will likely be what I buy the PS4 to play, with Batman following, with Killzone and Shadow of Mordor following.


Blimey, Witcher 3’s map has become available online…

And it’s insane…