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Venom Discussion (SPOILERS)


This is thee stupidest movie I’ve ever watched but boy is it watchable. Do they give out Oscars for actors who are so good they make absolutely tired, cliched bullshit into gold every time they are on screen??

They should.

I am a Superfan of Tom Hardy and Tyson Fury this weekend for making two of the most stupid things I’ve ever watched also two of the most entertaining!


Nic Cage would have dozens of Oscars if they did.


Lifetime Achievement Oscars for all of them.
And Brad Dourif.


Whoa… I just rewatched this on my computer… oh boy, the CGI does not look good with good lightning and in hi-def… =/

I guess on the cinema’s darker screen it was better concealed, but man oh man… cheap VFX alright… :smile:
The one good thing is that you can clearly see a color difference with Riot, who looks light grey… you can even see much better the difference between symbiotes when they’re fusing/fighting together in the end sequence.

But yeah, let’s hope they take some of that money the movie did to hire a better VFX company, 'cause it’s pretty bad. Design’s are great tho…

As for the rest, I would still cut the whole drone parts of the bike chase part, and switch the “Venom” tittle screen right before the “6 months later” cut, it would definetly flow better. Oh well, hopefully the second one will be better on every front. They’ve got some good material to do a good movie.

Oh, and lastly, I’d completely forgotten that it was made in association with frickin’ Tencent… pfff, those fuckers are rapidly becoming the chinese Disney… u_u