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Venom Discussion (SPOILERS)


Yeah, that’s where it fits. Ang Lee’s THE HULK was going for the same thing, but VENOM is a lot more successful at actually being entertaining.


Oh wow…I thought we were about to agree for a second there.
But Ang Lee’s HULK is a fantastic film.


I still like it well enough, and I think more Marvel and superhero movies in general would benefit if they didn’t really try to push characters into the superhero mold so much in movies. Some obviously fit the model, but a lot of the characters are more like monsters than “save-the-day” heroes. In fact, that’s really my only complaint with Venom is that in the end the “save the world” plot turn feels extremely shoe-horned in and counter to the way the story developed up to the end.


High praise indeed!


It’s a fun “buddy comedy” (or however they’re called) movie with some weird alien goo shit in it…

At any rate, I’m genuinely looking forward to a sequel, because next time around we’ll have the good stuff from the very begining… and yes, they should totally focus on the “buddy comedy” aspect of it and roll with it, it’s a sort of Deadpool-ish shtick that hasn’t been done before in a CB movie, so they have something somewhat unique with that.

Just let the Hardy loose… I’m sure he’ll do a good job =P



Nah. Venom was far and away better than that film.


Yeah only one of those films tried to turn a monster into a hero.


I finally saw the film this morning, and I have to say I found it very entertaining. It’s proudly in the B-movie horror/action tradition, with a dark but goofy sense of humour, and Hardy anchors the whole thing brilliantly - he makes Brock a likeable in-over-his-head character and plays up the physical comedy elements really well.

The film nails the Venom/Brock relationship, the effects bring Venom to life really well (there are moments that look like they’re taken straight from the comics page, and he moves perfectly), and there’s enough action and forward momentum in the plot to keep things moving nicely.

It’s also the perfect length - 2+ hours of this might have got tedious, but this doesn’t outstay its welcome.

Really pleasantly surprised by it.


Also: Harrelson as Carnage is going to be great.

Oh, and it was great to see the Micheline/McFarlane shout-out too. Were there any others I missed (apart from Stan Lee, obviously)?


Saw it today too. It is kind of rubbish but very enjoyable rubbish. Lots of fun.

My son LOVED it.


Yeah, it’s one of those things when I think you have to hold it to its own standards. If it was aiming higher, I might be harder on it, but it’s clearly aiming to be an enjoyable undemanding bit of schlocky nonsense, and it succeeds perfectly.

I was concerned during the making of it that the character wouldn’t work without Spider-Man, that there would be a real absence felt there, but to their credit they solved that problem and I never felt like there was a Spidey-shaped hole in the movie. Brock is a slightly more likeable and less flawed character here, and it helps to make him feel like a more credible antihero.

I also like the way they managed to combine the classic and Ultimate origins into something new, using some of the old Lethal Protector stuff as well. There was even a bit of the '90s animated series in there too (with the subplot with the rocket - and Venom’s inner voice is very similar to that series too).


And that’s the kicker right there.

It’ll be interesting to se how a pg13 Deadpool plays in the theatres


In that way, it’s very similar to the Manga Parasyte but that had a lot more time to develop the relationship between host and invader.


I remember a video game with Jack Black that at the beginning ask if you wanted the game to curse or not. The wife pick cursing & I picked not & the game was hilarious without the bad language. Might be refreshing.


Brütal Legend! That was a fun game.


Ok… so… in fact sooooo not good.

Lots of fun stuff, but really not good and what’s really annoying is there’s no reason for it to be so dumb. The elements are all pretty familiar, retooling them shouldn’t be rocket science.

I can only assume a lot of tequila was consumed while making this movie.


And probably a fair amount while watching it.


I will add that Tom Hardy is the MVP here, even more than all the CGI that creates Venom itself.

This is one of those roles that demands the sort of thing he does. His physicality and his love of doing voices.

Sometimes the role and the actor are… well… symbiotic.


My brother watched it last night for the first time.
And while he had a few amount of chuckles through-out, good hearted ones at that, the biggest reaction out of him was when Eddie and Drake lose their symbiotes and just start punching each other.