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Venom Discussion (SPOILERS)


Yeah, I love Hardy’s performances. And say what you will, there’s one actor who isn’t just “playing himself” in his movies. If weird accents work for him in building his characters, that’s fine by me. Of course, I can’t really tell if the accents aren’t idiosyncratic anyway :slight_smile:

I love both these performances, and it’s interesting to see his character from the Revenant contrasted with Max, whom he plays with a surprisingly soft voice, and whitheld performance.


It boggles me that anyone could view Hardy, much less this particular performance (saw it yesterday) and not be bowled over. He’s leagues beyond what anyone else attempts. There’s some moments where he fades into it so far (particularly in voiceover) where it’s difficult to believe it is Hardy. Forget the more showy moments. There will be people watching this movie with no practical sense of who Tom Hardy is, and the overall effect will be lost on them. No such excuses for the rest of us.


Honestly it’s a VENOM movie.
What did the critics actually think they were going to watch?


So, at the most conservative estimate of it’s total combined budget…it’s already in the clear.

Put some of that money made toward better ginger wings.


Your dead right Tom
I mean their marketing budget must be next to nothing on this. The premier looked like it was hosted at a rundown hotel


I don’t even remember seeing much in way of TV spots for this movie.
Everything was online trailers - and we know first hand that those trailers were pretty much glorified dailies to begin with.


That wig was a highlight for me. :sweat_smile:


There’s a lot of traditional posters/adds here… dunno about TV spots… but yeah it wasn’t completely without marketing I guess, although it probably depends on each country =P


My initial reaction is that the film was very enjoyable and will have a wide appeal. There were a few much under 13 year olds in the cinema and they were certainly engaged with the film. One little girl was hiding her eyes at the scarier parts, and honestly much of the film was actually closer to R than PG 13 as far as violence, language and body horror.

It was pretty fun and the interaction between Eddie and Venom worked the best. As far as the plot…


The story was generic and fit the formula for nearly every other superhero origin story good and bad. It probably was dictated by the studio and, maybe, it was the safest approach, but the inclusion of Riot could have been eliminated entirely to the story’s benefit.

Had it gone through another rewrite, it would have been better to leave Drake as the sole “benevolent megalomaniac” antagonist and pumped up the psychopathic optimist that he seemed to be. The idea of a man whose evil is driven primarily by a desire to save the human race is a pretty strong choice - akin to Thanos’ intention - but wasn’t really capitalized upon and when Riot shows up, it pretty much ended Drake’s character arc or at least seriously diminished it.

Instead, they had set up a couple of things that would have paid off well in the story. First, Drake had learned a lot about the symbioses’ and their weaknesses. I think it would have been stronger if they had shown him using those to trap Eddie and Venom and then forced Venom to separate and trust Eddie to find a way to rescue him without his powers (or his weaknesses).

However, they went with the generic conclusion where the hero fights a villain with similar but stronger powers than his, but that is not nearly as dramatic as it may have once been. But, again, it may just be that audiences expect it or at least studio head are certain that that is what audience’s want.

Also, Eddie makes a point early in the movie that he has learned how to hide, blend in and be invisible as an undercover reporter. At the end of the movie, Eddie is pretty much back in the same situation he was before meeting Venom with no consequences for anything he’s done - and he did a lot of damage to innocent people.

It seemed like they set it up for Eddie to disappear at the end - he could believable fake his death - and then be working undercover with an alias going after the “bad people.” He could have even dyed his hair blonde as a nod to the character in the comics.

The conclusion just seems too neat and easy - especially considering all the SWAT team members (who survived?) certainly saw his face AND I have to believe that they knew it was him or would have had people who could identify him. It just doesn’t make sense even in the world of the movie that he would be walking with any security in the open.


I enjoyed it for what it was. It had some violent moments, but alot of it was made light of immediate afterwards. Which is fine, I don’t think it needs to b super dark. The only thing I didn’t like was Woody Harrelson. I like Woody, but for me he doesn’t feel right. Maybe the age thing? Definitely the wig thing.
The best thing was after the movie as we were leaving, my 13 y/o asked me if we could get it when it comes out on DVD. That’s officially a plus in my book. Tom Hardy’s got a guarantee spot hosting the next Nickelodeon kids Choice Awards. :smiley:


Was anybody other than this reviewer actually unnerved by Bane in The Dark Knight Rises? :confused:

(Slight edit due to embarrassing typo :smiley: )


I’ve been watching reviews of this, it’s funny how everyone says “oh it’s not a good movie”, then proceed to rave about how much fun they had watching it for 20 minutes… like, dude, it’s okay to say it’s a good movie… u_u


The movie is longer than 20 minutes.


It’s not a good movie but that’s part of what makes it fun to watch.


It’s better than snooze panther… u_u






Good one, but I believe he meant they rave for 20 minutes about how much fun they had watching the movie, right?

Other than the final battle - which still is pretty good compared to any of the other final battles you see in movies like it - and a few missed opportunities, it is a top notch Marvel comics movie. I don’t see why the critics had such a hard time understanding it. Essentially, it’s just a Sci Fi monster movie like The Fly or Amazing Colossal Man mixed with an Action chase movie where the villain is a tech genius billionaire instead of a shady intelligence agency.

It really isn’t a superhero movie.


I like comparing it to stuff like Species II or The Astronaut’s Wife or any of those late 90’s/early 00’s alien invasion movies. A lot of the backstory had that atmosphere to it.