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Venom Discussion (SPOILERS)


It does sound like something strange. The comparisons to a Jim Carrey movie are interesting. Like a version of The Mask that is closer to the comics.


This isn’t even damning with faint praise, it’s like damning with slightly less damning damning.


How about I thought it was probably just above suicide squad only because I heard it was a turd rolling down the street.

I expected a car crash but it never came about and just enjoyed it for what it is. A Venom movie.


A friend of mine saw this last night and he said it was such garbage that he refused to talk about it any further this morning as it would just make him angry.

I really have to see this now.


This is getting so many weird reviews that I think I’m gonna go watch it… :smile:


Just got out of Venom.

Overall the biggest/main flaw is that the plotting is pretty scattered.
When Tom Hardy said that about 30 minutes were cut - I believe he was being serious.
All of this is mitigated by the fact that the plot was relatively simple. But character dynamics seemed leapfrogged. But other than that - it’s an entertaining enough flick with good energy behind it.

I’d say Matinee.


Much better than that, thankfully. No “zero issue” style character introduction montages that give you information which will be exposited in an equally clunky way fifteen minutes later.


It doesn’t match up to 2003 Hulk for you then? I have to admit that I was worried when they were doing the comic panel thing as they introduced his show and he drove his motorbike.

The animated Spider-Man after-credits thing at the end was absolutely the best part of the movie. A great preview. Some people walked out when it came on. I pity them.


Nah, haha. But’s really not trying to be.
I’d put it more on the level of Dolph Lundgren’s Punisher.
A singular attempt that has a few oddities and could have been done better but is a serviceable enough watch.

Definitely would place it in the mid-MCU range IMO. Above Doctor Strange or Ant-Man and the Wasp.


I agree with your last point. It has the charm of being a throwback to the early 2000s superhero movies, which I appreciate.

Those comparisons that were made to Darkman actually hold pretty well. The movie just isn’t as lively or demented as Raimi would have made it.


You hear a lot of reviews saying how “cracked” or “wonky” the movie’s ideas are.
But it’s a very simple plot with some standard dynamics given to the characters.

And yes, it feels like an early 00’s movie or any sort of “first movie for [x] character” from before they became nodes on a larger tree.


I might go watch it soon, if I can get my lazy ass off my chair… :smile:

But, despite me liking the character, conceptually, I honestly don’t think he’s ever been all that story-wise, so I wonder what are people expecting from it…

I’ve seen plenty of comments about how it’s not comics accurate at all, but then some actual fans have pointed out that they do actually borrow from a couple storylines, mainly Lethal Protector, I’d assume… so yeah… I’m getting super curious =P


It’s fine. I’m fine your fine. It’s all fine.


Really enjoying reading the reviews for this.
From The Irish Independent:

Venom starts too slowly and it’s difficult to see what Hardy is trying to achieve by playing Brock as a schlub with chronic ADD and voicing Venom as Darth Vader with laryngitis. Considering that his previous super-hero appearance was as the genuinely unnerving Bane in the Dark Knight Rises, this is the slightest of returns.


I’ll go ahead and say it - Eddie Brock > Bane.


You mean that you really think:

Darth Vader with laryngitis > Picard down a well



I always felt like there were quite a few parallels between Bane and Venom in the comics (the concept of a ‘dark reflection’ of the hero; the big '90s hulking muscular physique; the mask design; even the ‘Venom’ formula) so it’s funny to see Hardy go on to play both of them.


A co-worker went last night and said the same thing, that it was a pure popcorn movie.


I’ll watch Tom Hardy do anything, and hearing that his performance in this is super weird is a huge selling point for me. He always seems to take risks with his characters…sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But I respect the attempt, and I always appreciate when leading men make their generic-white-male-hero more than just a cipher. Looking forward to this.


I didn’t see that going in and while watching I kept thinking “this reminds me of Darkman.”

I thought it was pretty all right until the third act. There’s actually some really good filmmaking in there, better than a lot of Marvel/DC/Fox films. But at the end of the day it’s still a Venom movie and Venom is pretty dumb (to me).