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Venom Discussion (SPOILERS)


Out here tomorrow, later in the week elsewhere.

No reviews yet, but there’s some social media reaction:


Not boring probably puts this in better shape than plenty of movies that I’ve seen this year, whether it’s good or not.


I really hate the argument that “Comic fans will like this because it pulls from the comics” for oh so many reasons.


Same, but then again - it does have a lot of basis in truth.


I’m sorry for pre-judging, but this looks shit. On so many levels.


Eh… unless people start saying it’s worse than fanfourstic, i’m not too worried =P


I’m really hoping it’s a so-bad-it’s-good movie. I’m a big fan of Venom and there’s definitely scope there for a schlocky antihero movie à la Spawn.

But I likely won’t see it in the cinema either way, I’ll wait for the home release. I feel like beer and pizza might help.


Smuggling pizza into the cinema can be part of the fun though.


Someone online compared it to Ang Lee’s Hulk.
Which means it must be a masterpiece.


That means one great setpiece, slow pace, somber tone and an anticlimactic final fight?

I’ll take it.


Just bought my tickets for the thursday night showing.

Not even kidding.


I’ll be seeing it on Thursday as well. Fully sober, probably.



Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair : Hardy is a strange and ever-shifting talent. Pinning him down is like trying to . . . well, it’s like trying to catch a big slobbery maniac that can reshape itself to adapt to any sticky situation. Which is all to say Hardy is the perfect guy for this role, and he turns in a vivid, sweaty, human-suit-on-the-fritz performance. His accent is all over the place, and you fear for his physical well being at times.

Mike Ryan, Uproxx : I can’t think of a more striking example where the whole cast seems to realize that they are in a darker superhero movie, while Tom Hardy seems to believe he’s in a remake of Jim Carrey’s Liar Liar. Look, let no one tell you differently, Tom Hardy is going for it in Venom. This is not a paycheck movie for him. Tom Hardy obviously has a vision for this movie and he goes for it with 100 percent gusto – it’s just not the same vision of literally anyone else involved in the movie.

Matt Patches, Polygon : …the movie’s highs come when Hardy treats the Spider-Man spinoff like a Little Shop of Horrors remake starring mid-’90s Jim Carrey.

Bryan Bishop, The Verge : The most important thing about Venom is that Tom Hardy does an incredible job. His character doesn’t necessarily work or even make sense within the context of the film, but he undeniably gives a capital-P performance.

Katie Walsh, Chicago Tribune : He’s in full-on crazy-eyed “Wuthering Heights” mode, colored shades of “Bronson” physical intensity, while using his own heavy Brooklyn accent from “The Drop.” He’s absolutely riveting, and hilarious.

Matt Singer, ScreenCrush : …one of the all-time great unhinged performances. He commits fully to the character; sweating, screaming, leaping, grunting, howling, twitching. He has more chemistry with the CGI Venom symbiote than with any of the humans in the cast — the kiss he shares with Venom is way longer and more intimate than the one has with Williams earlier in the movie.

Angie Han, Mashable : Hardy is great fun to watch here, his face whipping through horror and bewilderment and exhilaration as he watches his own body move in ways he can’t comprehend or control.

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian : “Hungry!” the symbiote will boom inside his head in a deep growly voice and Tom will immediately convulse into a: “Wha…? What was that…?” routine. He thrashes and lurches around the streets like Jerry Lewis’s The Nutty Professor.

Scott Mendelson, Forbes : …a true-blue movie star performance. Yes, Tom Hardy is… well, he’s something that’s for certain. I’m still not sure if he’s giving a performance akin to Johnny Depp’s turn in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl or Chris Klein’s epic portrayal in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.

Michael Nordine, IndieWire : Venom is very much its own entity — one in which, for better or worse, a parasitic alien calls its host a pussy for deciding to take the elevator instead of jumping off a skyscraper and Tom Hardy jumps into a lobster tank in the middle of a crowded restaurant. This leaves the viewer with two choices: reject the parasite or let it take you over. Fight it off and you’ll have a bad time; become one with it and you may achieve a kind of symbiosis.


I kind of feel like I have to see this now.


TNo spoiler review

So caught a matinee £5

Strap yourseves in kids!!!

Turn your brain off at the door and enjoy it.
You know what.
That was actually quite enjoyable.
It was what was on the can.
It’s a venom movie.
Like venom. Watch the movie.
Don’t like Venom. Don’t watch the movie.

Good popcorn fun.
Nowhere near catwoman level.
Probably about suicide squad level.

Oh and they definitely dubbed over the pronunciation of symbiote and got it right.

Stay for the mid credits.

End credits
Huge tonal shift but very entertaining


Cause I will accept nothing else.


Doctor Sam Biot never returned home.


This might be enough to convince me.