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Variant covers for Empress #1 - Here's the line-up!


Okay, we’ve got the amazing, amazing regular cover by Stuart Immonen.

Then we have one of a set of character covers on each of the seven issues, also by Stuart.

We have Mister Sean Gordon Murphy.

Also Mister Steve McNiven.

Not in solicits but because I love them we also have Mike Mayhew, who’s just incredible, and the brilliant, brilliant Skottie Young. These covers will be released online early February and a note to be sent to all retailers. But we also have a final, secret cover artist to come. This one is a shocker and will not be named until the week before FOC, complete with finished cover.

You won’t have seen this one coming :slightly_smiling:

Gonna be a big book!!



Ooo. Exciting. Have you told us what that one is? I don’t remember. (Please forgive me.) :wink:


I’ll email you in secret. Two seconds :slightly_smiling:



Mike Mayhew used to post his art here a couple of years back, he’s very talented.


YES! I remember now. That will be stellar.


I’ve done away with all my MTG cards and dedicated my Magic Chest to holding variant covers. Just when I was making progress downsizing material possessions, I get pulled back in. :wink:
The preview in Huck was awesome, really looking forward to this book.


@Mark_Millar - Nice to see you, briefly, on last night’s Captain America 75 Years special. Nice uh … recap. Lots of Steve’s art from Civil War (Alex Ross, too).

Was this one where they interviewed you and then used the clips they wanted?


Dave McCaig tweeted this a few days ago - can’t remember if it’s been shown here yet or not, but I thought it was a nice piece:

[Quote]Hey internet! I’m painting variant covers for Empress over Stuart Immonen’s lines. Here’s 1. Working on 2 right now[/quote]


Nice. That was in the solicitations. I thought it looked different than any style I’d seen from Immonen’s before. Good to know I’m not crazy.


Steve Ditko? :open_mouth: