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VAMPIRE WONDERLAND - From the pages of Paperbacks & Inkstains




Had a really cool response to posting “Where’d Wendgio” earlier on, therefore I wanted to share the first part of an ongoing series called “Vampire Wonderland” drawn by Paul Moore of Amigo Comics’ “Planet of Daemons”, and again coloured by Alexa Renee.

The premise of this story is that the world has been plunged into perpetual darkness, and this allowed the feral creatures of the night to rise up from the shadows. It’s a vampire story with added bite though, as our main character, Sabi, likes to kickass and crack wise!

Again, don’t let me sell it to you, check out what the critics have said: -

“It’s an absolute gem of a tale, proof that the team are as good at drama as they are at humour, building the world and the story nicely. It’s action-packed too, and the art is stunning, the black and white creating a wonderfully grimy atmosphere. This series has massive potential; if it continues like this, future instalments could find it being mentioned in the same breath as The Walking Dead. Seriously, it’s that good. We’re promised more and, quite frankly, the wait is going to be intolerable.” - Starburst Magazine

“Vampire Wonderland’ follows it with even more gorgeous art. This time it’s Paul Moore’s work on deck, in a story that follows a vampire hunter on a very bad day. This is one of the best action stories you’ll read all year, as the heroine uses everything from a supermarket trolley to a parachute to get the job done. But that won’t stay with you. What will is the final scene and the peculiarly hopeful kind of heroism on display here. Not post-apocalyptic, quite, but something better and braver.” - Travelling Man Blog

“Thankfully, “Vampire Wonderland,” is not of the typical variety, focusing almost more on the sarcastic internal dialogue of the main character than the actual vampires. Something that I myself am appreciative of. It’s hard to take a general idea like vampires, which has been used so often as of late, and give it large enough spin to make it interesting but Sambrook and Jones manage to do it.” - AP2HYC

Again, I hope you guys enjoyed this. We’ve had a couple of nice write ups today, one from those sage, wise and illustrious people over at DowntheTubes and one from the equally brilliant Comics Anonymous.

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