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V important article on Suicide Squad...


…by comic fan and film critic Robbie Collin:



He deprived his three year old son of a Batman T-shirt because of this? Wow.


I’m more worried about this guys mental state than David Ayer’s.

I didn’t enjoy the film at all, but I think he’s going overboard with the rape fantasy shtick. I’m actually getting real sick of this white knight mentality that has sprung up recently. Not every female movie character has to be wrapped up in cotton wool.


I havent seen it but im curious how fetishised the scene is. Hes not the first commentator on this scene, and its easy to find criticism with hyperviolent hypersexualised DC superheroes, who have supposedly been childhood icons for decades.


It’s funny, it reminds me of Alan Moore lamenting how everyone followed Watchmen with ‘so … everything should be grim and dark, then?’. They’re all trying to catch Nolan’s lightning in a bottle, and spectacularly missing the point that it was how well constructed it was that sold the movies, not the super-serious tone. Sigh.


I didn’t think it was particularly fetishised, but it certainly didn’t look like normal mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. He checks her pulse at the neck and then seemingly goes in for a kiss, which she really gets into. It could have been shot better to show he’s attempting proper mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

I had more problems with the way every character, when telling Harley she’s crazy, felt the need to also tell her how hot she is.


It sure seems like there are a lot of white dudes in the critical community who are quick to call Suicide Squad racist and sexist. Meanwhile among audience members it’s tracking better with minorities and women than it is with white men.


It has to be said that on the BBC radio film show Collin was guest hosting this week his female co-presenter couldn’t see the problem.


I honestly didn’t get that reading from the scene. I’m not one to completely dismiss the possibility but it makes me wonder a little more about the author than the film.


I noticed that (or lack there of) when I watched the review earlier today:


It’s still a great review though (this single point aside).


This guy is full of shit. I agree with Ronnie: that article says way more about the author than that scene.