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Hi guys and girls,

Need a little help, so just wanted fire a question out there the US MillarWorlders.

Can any if you guys recommend any reliable and cost effective US based printers?

The reason I as is, I’m trying to replicate the “success” I’ve had in the UK getting my self published comics into shops over here.
Going well and some interesting news happening…

But I have got a few shops in the States that are interested in stocking my books, but the shipping costs are killing their price point…even if I was to them having my books at cost.

I need to find a decent printer, reliable printer who I can send proofs too and that ship across America.

The only other route is to find a publisher, so I can get into the US side of previews…however, the only one who wants my comics wants waaaaaaay to much of the ownership of them and I ain’t having that.
Rather do it on my own, make no money, just get my name out there!

So, the floor is yours!


Matt. Ive had a look in the past and was pointed towards these guys.


Cheers Marky,
Much appreciated.
I found these guys this morning too.
Just wanted to see if anyone new a friendly printer over there in the States too :blush:


You might check with @VictorC. He runs his own Paper Street Comics and self publishes. I have no idea who he uses though.



@VictorC where art thou?!


someone told me of Kraken Print!/printing


I’m on the case! Thanks!!!


My printer, Brian Dalton of Page By Page Copies, has some of THE most competitive prices in the US, allowing for wholesale pricing that still yields profitability. AND…if Diamond is your aim, he’ll ship to one of their distributor sites for free! Drop him a line at and tell him Victor Dandridge sent ya!


What an INCREDIBLE resource MILLARWORLD is!!


Cheers, fella


I’ve used twice before and found them communicative, prompt, and I like the print job.


Cheers joey


Millar World is indeed a great resource, I’m making notes for myself.


Ha! I completely apologize for being MIA for quite some time. Having three little ones and a very long-hours type of job (that isn’t forum friendly) has taken a major hit on my MW family time. :slight_smile:

I was using a company called and they were great as you could link your books through them and they would sell individual issues online for you. There wasn’t any money to be made from them (because single-issue print runs aren’t cheap) but it allowed for print distribution where you weren’t the running your own logistics network. Unfortunately they went out of business a couple of years back and I haven’t dug into a new alternative for single-issue print runs.

The company that I use for running mass volume for shows was called Rink Printing (rink and they were awesome from customer service to pricing to shipping. They would be my recommendation.

Again - sorry for the delay. VC


Our Victor has returned. Good to see you.


You’ve got my e-mail so hit me up there whenever there is something that I may be able to help out on. The new job is intense and three kids under age six is intense and trying to create/distribute a board game (something new I’ve been up to) is intense… so there is little free time anymore.

Joys of growing up. :slight_smile:


I can imagine. Last time we hung out it was just you and the missus. Glad you are doing well.


@mattgarvey did you see this?


Yeah, I saws


Hit me up direct if you ever have questions. I am at My new job is not board friendly so I am rarely online anymore unfortunately.