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Untitled generic space comedy cover NOW ON SALE!


Ladies and gentlemen, boys & girls…put your hands together for the amazing cover for Untiled Generic Space Comedy #1 by the one & only…legend that is @Rob_guillory :scream::clap:

@CosmicBaconArt (John), @tofuthebold (Allison) & I are over the moon with it! :blush:

Now go buy Farmhand because it’s amazing!


The comic will be ready within the next week then off to the printers, so i have officially open the pre-orders…so fill your (space) boots!


@DaveWallace & @Bruce Thanks for the orders, fellas!
You guy’s always support me and it really means a lot to me!


Nice. I like the cover, and the title.

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The actual comic is pretty decent too…the interior art is…out of this world! :crazy_face:


You’re welcome Matt. Looking forward to it - it looks like something a little different yet again, and I like never knowing quite what to expect from your books.


True, it is - oh wait, we’re supposed to be talking about Matt’s book, right?

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Couple of weeks and you’ll have it fella!
4 pages left for Allison to colour…it’s already lettered…so just proof reading then printing.
Hopefully sent to print end of the time week (hopefully sooner) then you’ll have it in you grubby little mitts! :crazy_face:


We are are, but I can still shout out about someone else’s comic too!
I’m not that selfish! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it…but I’ve got a new comic for sale…its a comedy comic called Untitled Generic Space Comedy AMAZING art from


BEAUTIFUL colours by




You can order it right now



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we are 75% sold out and the comics haven’t even arrived yet!
They arrive next week (delayed due to the bank holiday)
So, all i’m saying is if you want a copy i wouldn’t hang about! :wink:


i’ve only got 15 copies left…so if you want one i wouldn’t wait,

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Seven left!

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This arrived today. I haven’t read it yet but from a quick flick through, the art looks great. Looking forward to reading it later.


awwww, I’m glad it arrived ok, buddy!
Thanks so much for your continued support!
Oit is appreciated! :smiley:


I read this last night and thought it was lots of fun.

I enjoyed the setup of two ordinary blue-collar working guys in space, bored with their jobs and bickering - as a fan of Red Dwarf I like this kind of thing, but this felt suitably different by being set in such a populated sci-fi universe, and also due to the turns the plot takes towards the end of the issue.

(I love the idea of a decades-long historical truce being broken because a drunk guy in a bar is bored.)

It was also fun playing spot-the-sci-fi-reference, and I liked that they were often so direct and lampshaded - that made it all the more fun. The Garveyverse humour shines through in this one.

Plus, as I said earlier, the art looked great - particularly when it came to the more populated scenes that buzz with multi-species alien life. This is some of the most polished art yet on a Garvey book, and it really helps to sell the characters and environments in a way that’s important for a book like this to work.

If I have any complaint it’s that the book’s title undersells the story - it’s not as generic as it would have you believe, although it has fun with a lot of familiar sci-fi tropes.


awwww, cheers, buddy.
You are way too kind…thank you and i’m glad you enjoyed it! :smiley:
Thanks for all your support! :wink:

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Ones just coming in to say mine had also arrived safely and that I noticed so much more holding it in my hands than I had looking at it digitally.

Good job everyone!

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Likewise, I’ve got my copy but haven’t gotten a chance to read it. Looking forward to getting stuck into it.

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