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Untethered - MWer Kickstarter LIVE!

Hello everyone! Myself and Umar Ditta have fallen out of using Millarworld as much as we used to, but we figured it would be a good community to show our current project to (as we already have a few posters backing us).

What would happen if you drank a genie by mistake?

That’s the core premise of our project, Untethered.

Our main character, Frank, is a drunk who does just that - forcing himself and those around him to reconcile the supernatural, and try to figure out how to handle the situation. But his new friend isn’t the only creature nearby.

It’s written by Umar, based on a short comic I did about 3 years ago, with art by me, letters by Robin Jones, Colours by my friend Mike Maynard, and a variant cover by Iain Laurie. We also have various prints on offer, some by fellow Millarworlders - like Michael Rea and Keith Chan.
Our goal is to take the first issue to Thought Bubble 2017 in Leeds, as it’s a great creative hub to get the book out there and to get feedback on our work and hopefully use this information and any profits to further the mini-series.

Have a gander and see what you think - hopefully you like what you see enough to back us!



We are over 60% funded but we have a little more to go!

Here’s an ART UPDATE!!!





Yet, another update!

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