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Universe Gun trade paperback Kickstarter


Hi Millarworld!

Long time no see!
( It’s been a busy year, with an awesome new teaching job, and my extra-curricular activities here. )

I’m just dropping by to let you all know that Universe Gun, my psychedelic sci-fi superhero comic, is now being put together as a trade paperback, via Kickstarter.

If you want to try before you buy, the entire comic is free to read online at, and always will be. We’re currently somewhere in the 7th issue out of 12 on the webcomic.
Despite it being free, I’ve done quite well with single issues sales so far, and I’m now trying to package it into a form more suitable for modern comic reading audiences.

Have a look, if you like what you see do spread the word, or even pick up a copy. If you do, I apologise in advance for the brutal postage rates from Australia, by the way :slight_smile:


Screw the book, how are you dude? You look great!

Okay, so does the book!

(And the website? Tagged and bagged, thanky.)


Hey Miqque! :smiley:

Good to see you, dude!
Yeah, I’m doing great, thanks. Like I said, I’ve taken on a teaching job last year, teaching computer game programming to tertiary students. It’s been a massive change after 16 years of sitting at a desk programming with my back to the rest of the room, so if I’m looking good I’m blaming that! Hanging out with enthusiastic young people all day and passing on my skills to them has been awesome.
It’s also a four days a week gig - which I highly recommend to anyone out there currently working full time if you can afford it. This of course leaves me an extra day a week for my bullshit time consuming hobby, I mean my graphic novel endeavours. That, and dicking around with VR development in my spare spare time.


Backed this - I’ve read the singles and it is a great psychedelic trip of a book. Great stuff!