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Universe Gun and the Art of Dr Mike 2000


Hey, Nu-Millarworld!

In my alter-ego as Dr Mike 2000, I produce comic art and writing on my website
I used to make superhero game mods too, so the name may be familiar to Freedom Force enthusiasts.

These days my main project is Universe Gun, a psychedelic superhero sci-fi long form webcomic. Thing Legion of Superheroes or EGOs drawn in the style of the Yellow Submarine?

There are a few other short strips there too, and my semi-regular blog, which I’ve just updated with some comics reviews. Previous entries cover comics, science, science fiction and art.

Have a look around. I’d love to know what you think.


Universe Gun gets updated with a new 7 page chapter every couple of months. The last update happened between Millarworlds, so to speak, and concludes #3: Earth

Imagine you’re an atomic teenager on the run in a hostile universe! How long can you go before you resort to Manouevre Omega-Seven?!!?


Nice to see you found your way to the new board Mark.


Thanks, Gar. It took me a while to figure out why my old Favourites weren’t working, but I made it :slight_smile:


Universe Report 4, my latest blog, is up on
There’s updates on the status of the earlier chapters of Universe Gun. I outline a few of this year’s plans, but mainly celebrate the completion of Universe Gun #4 last weekend by posting a single panel from every page.

Looks kinda like this!


I don’t have a lot of new art to show, as I’ve done my first Oz Comic-Con selling physical copies of Universe Gun, I’ve presented at Adelaide University’s Inkers and Thinkers academic symposium on comics, and I’ve been writing and thumbnailing Universe Gun #5!

Time for another blog!
Alternative Superheroes Part 2 looks at the various ways writers have introduced realism into the genre, and how this comes in many different flavours.

Read the whole thing at!


How does the tesseract technology in Universe Gun work? Why can’t it be used to communicate between Earth and Mars? Go to for the answers in the latest blog - Bigger on the Inside!

Universe Gun #4 will kick off next weekend with the chapter Magic Rings


Universe Gun #4 kick off today!

Kid Identity and a blinded Star Girl 3000 are surrounded by QMAC! Cyberius XII is hallucinating wildly in a landfill tesseract! Things don’t look good! Go to to find out what happens next!

Continuing Readers go here: Latest Chapter
New readers, looking for 70 pages of dense psychedelic superhero scifi, go here: First Chapter
Chapter index is here: Index


I’ve only got 24 new pages for y’all this week!
I’ve just finished the 24 Hour Comic Challenge this morning with my comics buddies, producing a 24 page strip in 24 hours locked in an art gallery.

The full strip, and a new blog with some sleeve notes can be found on
Or click on the title below.

But here’s the first two pages of “Falling: An Atomic Romance


Patrick MacNee aka John Steed from the Avengers passed away this week. I’d planned to write a blog about art process, but I had to talk about this instead, since the show was a huge part of my childhood.

Learn more about “The First Avenger” in my latest blog at


I’ve put together a blog about my evolving art process, and how I conquered the dreaded 3/4 reverse profile!
Check it out at



The Oz Comics challenge ( really got me going this week! I don’t spend every Friday night Googling for macrame pot-holders, but I did this week for Storm! (and the other X-Men, I guess)

Read my heartfelt ramblings about dangerous women characters over at, simple entitled “Why I Love Comics”

Or go straight here.


Universe Gun #4 continues!
If you like clockwork brains, hallucinogenic earth elementals and extra-dimensional super-palaces, do yourself a favour and check out Chapter 2: Heads!

Explore from, or use these handy links!

Latest Chapter:
First Chapter:


Universe Gun #4 concludes with Fixing the Solar System.
What do QMAC really want? What does Cyberius want for that matter?

Eight (yes eight) pages of new comics are up at in a new comics viewer, which now includes all the extra Universe Gun back-pages from the printed copies!

Latest Chapter:
First Chapter:


Hi Millarworld! It’s been a while.

There’s a new chapter of Universe Gun up at
Issue 5:Moons kicks off with Breathing Space as the gang prepare for the heist of the (37th) century.


And, I’ve got a new blog entry - Space Tofu looks at some of the real world science behind the sci-fi food of Universe Gun.
Read my thoughts at