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Universal's movie slate for the next 2 years


VERY interesting:



I loved Pacific Rim (I know a lot of people did not) and I cannot wait for part two. GDT really served up a supreme slice of blockbuster cinema. The action, the colour palette, the glorious acting (Sean Slater take a bow). Best of all the creature design was braw.

I am going to have a few brews later and watch this bad boy later on tonight.

“Engage elbow rockets!”


I loved Pacific Rim. That movie made the 10-year old in me who grew up on Japanese Kaiju movies smile ear to ear.

That said, I am uncertain about a sequel. The first one was a great done in one story. I just hope its at least as good as the first one.


from this interview found on IMDB, this does not sound much like a summer blockbuster. sounds more like a buddy movie, which is not what most fans of the first one are looking for, IMO.

“Guillermo del Toro during an interview with Collider in November 2014, stated that Charlie Day’s character Dr. Newton Geiszler & Burn Gorman’s character Gottlieb are in the sequel with the respective actors (Day & Gorman) reprising their roles from Pacific Rim (2013) for the sequel. Del Toro commented on it, stating: “Yes. It’s quite a different movie from the first one in that, but I think that two of our main characters like in the first one are Burn and Charlie. They are really, really - I mean, honestly, they are probably the guys I have the most fun writing along with Hannibal Chau so just from a purely selfish drive, I like writing them. I love writing for Charlie and Burn. I mean, [Burn’s] in Crimson Peak (2015) for that reason, because I love working with him.””


I would imagine Universal is going to slash the budget on the sequel. 200 million for a movie that barely cracked 400 isn’t quite a bust, but it’s damn close. I imagine the home rental/sales numbers boosted the film into profitability, but why that slight success would warrant a sequel I have no idea.

On the upside, we get to see Charlie Hunnam butcher an American accent again, which is always fun.


If the film’s afterlife is what made the money, then Universal may be banking on those people (who waited for home viewing) buying a ticket for a sequel?

Either way, while it would be prudent to try and reduce the cost of the sequel, things don’t often work out that way.

And I know I’m going to go see it. :smile:


Which sometimes holds, as with something like Austin Powers - but sometimes doesn’t.


I wonder if there will be more scenes of robots fighting monsters at night…

Or more of Charlie Hunnam trying his “badass walk…”


I wouldn’t mind a Universal Monsterverse series of comics.

I was just thinking of Pacific Rim the other day as one of the most unlikely “fictional universes” to gain a following. The movie was moderately successful, but the fan base for it and the merchandise is surprisingly strong.