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Underdragon’s questions treat.


HI! I know that I haven’t written anything in a looooong time, but here I am now and with a ton of questions, mainly for writers, but anyone can answer them if they want to:

How should a hero act?

Something I’d like you to think about: Lately I have been earning a few podcast about heroes: The definition of hero, how they are, and mighty heroes (like Son Goku or Superman) weak ones (like Shinji from Evangelion or Deku from Boku no Hero Academia), immoral antiheroes, etc.…

How do you think a hero should be?

How should an artist act?

Another question for you. I have been thinking a lot about this matter and I’d like to hear your comments about this. This time the question crossed my mind when I was seeing podcast about some of the first Sci-Fi novels. Suddenly I thought in a good question for this week:

How do you think should an artist be?

I think that an artist will always be a nonconformist, someone who will always look reality as something that can be better. To put an example: “An anime channel on TV. Why not?”

And you? What do you think?

How do you create your series plot?

What inspires you to do that? Do you start with a little idea or some sort of main theme, to advance from there, or maybe it’s something more visceral?

I am waiting for your answers.


There’s a really easy (and maybe cheating) answer to that question:

Watch the first (1978) Christopher Reeve Superman movie.

That’s how a hero should act. Exactly like that, all the time, no slipping, to the full extent that your abilities allow.

There are other “shades” of hero, of course: the reluctant hero, the lapsed hero, the anti-hero, the morally-grey hero, and they can all be interesting charatcers to explore in fiction. But as soon as you put a qualifying adjective in front of the word, you’re admitting that they are not pure “heroes”, so it’s no good looking at them to answer your question. If you want to know about how straightforward heroes act: Reeve’s Superman. That’s the only model you need to follow.


Is maintaining a secret double-life that you hide from your girlfriend optional or compulsory?


Maintaining a secret double-life to protect your loved ones from reprisals is optional, but if you don’t then you’d better have an alternative foolproof plan to protect your loved ones from reprisals.


How should a hero act?

A hero’s actions are a reaction to 2 things: 1, the world they’re from; 2, the world they’re in.

How should an artist act?

Don’t be an ass and openly mock other creators or creations you don’t like.

Stay off social media.

How do you create your series plot?

1000s of hours of research, reading, rewriting,and telling myself it’s great and then that it’s shit.


Thanks for all your answers. Now for another question:
This time I’d like people to comment which series/books/another things to watch/read/another things before you die. Of course, my manga series should go upfront-Ejem, jokes aside, of course everyone’s tastes are going to influence this, but I’d like people to put only the most important.

To put some examples:

Dragon Ball: Mainly for its effect around the world, I think that every otaku should see it and read the manga.

Eureka seven: A great series, in my opinion.

Akira: Both the movies and the manga, the same reason as Dragon Ball.

The lord of the rings: Both the books and the movies for the impact it had on the development of heroic fantasy.

Dragonlance chronicles: It’s the same formula that the Lord of the rings, but actualized.


This question has to do with media in general: TV, movies, comics, etc.

Where do you think is the line between something seen as family friendly or kid friendly and something considered adult?

To put an example: The first Pokemon movie deals with some themes considered adult, but it has a message against war, also in Digimon used to appear themes like death, threated in a very realistic and dramatic way. But these are things considered kid friendly.

Do you think that, even if something deals with themes considered unappropriated for children, like death or violence, can be valid if it’s presented with care and consideration?

Well, that’s all I wanted to say, think, think about it. And for the people who liked something I did, for the people who comment, and also for the people who see my manga series. To the entire world, in general.

-Thank you!