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UK comic shops able to host signings


I was chatting with someone the other day about showcasing small press comics and it got me thinking that there is a lot of conventions popping up and there’s Small Press Saturday, but there’s also actual comic shops that are more than willing to host signings. I know of three in Scotland (want to keep it simple for now, but please feel free to add ones in England etc, I’m just sticking with the ones I personally know of). I’ll mention some below, please feel free to contact them about hosting a signing or adding other shops you know of.

Aberdeen: Asylum Books and Games , only place up here in Aberdeen that hosts comic signings. They do both small press and bigger name signings (Brian Talbot, D’Israeli, Declan Shalvey etc). They do have a Facebook page, but it’s better to send questions to the above email.

Dunfermline: Little Shop of Heroes. They’re the people behind Dunfermline Comic Con, which I need to try to get to next year. They’ve hosted at least one or two signings so worth talking to them.

Perth: Big Dog Books This one I’m unsure of. I’m sure I’ve seen them do signings before, so please check beforehand.

I’m actually unsure of Edinburgh and Glasgow’s indie comic shops. I think there’s just Deadhead Comics in Edinburgh, but please correct me if I’m wrong.


Chaos city in St Albans do small press as well as professional signings.
I was invited to do a signing there earlier this year.

Also, i know Get Ready Retro in Kent, Destination Venus in Harrogate and The incredible comic shop in Swindon do small press signings too.


Forbidden in London?

I have seen some pamflets from them online


thats usually only if you have a publisher…i’ve never seen them do a small press signing


To be fair.

It is forbidden.


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we ALL deserve something :slight_smile:

But a signing would be cool :slight_smile: