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UK Comic Cons 2017


Hello all. So, I was wondering which Comic Cons people have been to this year/are going to go to?

I’m based in Scotland, which means, so far I’ve been to Dunfermline Comic Con, Edinburgh Comic Con and Glasgow Comic Con.

Dunfermline is quite a small Con, but it’s growing, and is a lot of fun to go to. Edinburgh is a mix of comics and television guests, but while I prefer Cons which are entirely focused on comics, it’s nearby so I go each year.

I really enjoyed Glasgow Comic Con this year, mostly for the 9 Panels industry event which was held on the Friday before. It was very well organized and really very useful. And I enjoyed the Con itself too.

The next Con that I’m heading to is the London Super Comic Con;, at the end of August.

It’s hosting a couple of Writing Masterclasses by Brian Michael Bendis, that I’m quite excited for. I’ve already booked a ticket for the 2 Hour Masterclass on Friday.

Is anyone else going down to London Super Comic Con?

I’m hoping to make it down to Thought Bubble in Leeds at the end of September as well.


Not been able to go to any this year as of yet, but I’ve got a table for Nottingham in October and have been ask to do a panel on making small press comics.
Also, if i can get a table for MCM London in October, i’ll be there too.
Not going to the LSCC…got offered a table but the cost of that and the parking for three days it just wasn’t cost effective.
Sadly the same happened for TB…was offered a table…looked for a hotel and the prices went through the roof…its nice to see all these hotels taking advantage of comic fans!
I work for a company in Leeds and stay quite a bit, so i know what they usually charge!

But if the is gonna be a MW drink in London around the LSCC, i’ll try and pop down…i like beer.


I’ve gone to two cons so far this year, with a third in a couple of weeks.

First was my local con, True Believers in Cheltenham. It’s ok - nice location (even ignoring how close it is to me), good size and some good guests, but I found the range of dealers pretty underwhelming this year, compared to other cons and even the same show a couple of years back. I was really looking to go longbox diving, for some 90s DC stuff especially, but the few stalls that even had longboxes were only selling very recent material. Instead it was lots of “filler” stalls, like one selling cakes. It’s in an odd position of being bigger and better than the little fly-by night “comic cons” that just have a couple of extras from Star Wars and Game of Thrones in a school sports hall, but not as much to see as, say, a Showmasters event (though TB gets points for having actual comics guests, at least).

I did the Cardiff Independent Comic Expo a couple of weeks back too. That was a bit disappointing. It was in the Masonic Hall, which is a lovely building, but really not suited to hosting a convention, with everything crammed into three or four (relatively) small rooms across two floors. The range of dealers was very underwhelming. The guest list was more small press focused, which is fine tho not especially my thing, but there were guests and exhibitors listed on the website up to the day before that I absolutely couldn’t find (can’t say definitively they weren’t there) and there wasn’t any kind of map or guide that I saw. Plus, and this isn’t the fault of the con, but I found there to be a hell of a lot of real dickheads amongst the ticket-holders, especially around the bar. On the other hand, they had a free retro games room set up, which was a great way to kill time waiting to pick up a sketch.


They had some retro games set up at the Edinburgh Comic Con this year, although they were popular enough that I couldn’t get close to them. Still, it was a fun idea.

I’m considering just going down for a day for Thought Bubble. Catch the train early in the morning on Saturday, come back after the Con is finished. It’s one way to avoid hotel costs.

Plus, last year everything I wanted to go to was on the Saturday. I might wait until they announce a schedule before making a final decision.

Well, as I said, I shall be down in London for the Super Comic Con. I don’t know if any other Millarworlders are going or not.

It will be my first time going down to the London Super Comic Con. Last time I went down to London was for the Kapow Comic Con years back. Interestingly, the LSCC is taking over Kapow’s old venue.


It is and it’s when I actually met you, you numpty. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Only Thought Bubble this year for me. Too busy trying to write stuff to get a table one day. I’ll be a spectator at the 2000AD Pitchfest this year. :wink:


I’ll be going down to Thought Bubble this year, but just for the Saturday, as I said before. And yes, I plan on pitching again. I’ve locked down an idea, I just need to write the pitch up.

I’m trying to convince my best friend to pitch too, since she’s a writer as well.

London Super Comic Con was beyond awesome. I got Brian Michael Bendis to sign my copy of Words For Pictures. He even remembered me from Twitter too.

I also had a Script Portfolio review with Kieron Gillen, who is a really nice man, and who gave me lots of encouraging feedback.

All in all, it was an awesome weekend.


Good luck! Being a published writer and having pitched before puts you in a good place. :crossed_fingers:

P.S. I fully recommend the experience to anyone who wants to test their sphincter strength.