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UK Comic-Cons 2016


So I haven’t attended a con in the uk before and going through the list (link below)there is a truck load spread right across the country.

What are the preeminent cons? maybe the top 5? and how likely would it be to meet editors/ publishers there?
Which ones should I stear clear from?


I try and go to at least 4 or 5 cons per year. Here are the one I go to if I can:

Thought Bubble, Leeds - Bit of trek for southerners but it’s by far the best UK con. A great mix of big names and independent guys, a relaxed atmosphere and great organisation.

N.I.C.E., Bedford - A much smaller con that focuses on big name guests. I’ve found queues aren’t that long. Not many dealers at the show though if you’re after buying comics.

London Film & Comic Con - Good because most of the attendees are there for the tv/film guests so the comic guys are relatively queueless.

London Super Con - Lots of dealers selling stuff and lots of punters so it can get busy. There are panels and talks if that’s your thing and plenty of named guests although they are increasingly being repeated year on year.

Lakes Festival, Cumbria - The whole town comes out for this and there are workshops, kids activities and plenty of exhibitions. Comic guest wise it’s quite limited but I did get to meet Jeff Smith in 2014.

Roll Out Roll Call, Southampton - A Transformers/G.I. Joe con with a few key guests (Larry Hama) and several toy dealers. It’s in a hotel so space is limited and the entry prices are high.

Most of the big shows have publishers there doing portfolio reviews and panel talks.

Next months LSCC has the following key guests:

David Aja (want a quick sketch from him? Be prepared to wait up to 4 hours in line)
Frank Cho (saw him before at a previous LSCC and was a right grumpy sod)
Juanjo Guarnido (The main reason I’m going. Hoping to get a sketch from the Blacksad artist)
Marv Wolfman
Mike Zeck
Esad Ribic (attends most big UK cons and is super miserable and horrendously expensive)
Alex Maleev

Loads of other guests are attending.


Fantastic,thank you so much.
I’m in the south of Scotland so will definitely be up for Thought Bubble and Lakes Festival, Cumbria I know a few publicans there so handy!

London Film & Comic Con will be a the one London one I think as I’m in Melbourne and Singapore in March.

Do Millarworld members ever meet up? I’d fancy a pint or 2 with like minded people.


I don’t go to cons but historically Thought Bubble seems to be the MW con of choice for the UK contingency.


I think Thought Bubble should be your best bet too. I’ve heard many overseas creators say it is one of the favourites overall, not just in the UK. I think a large part is that the focus is solely on comics rather than D-list stars from old sci-fi shows.

Even a few of the Irish MW gang have been known to fly over.


Stan Sakai announced for London Film & Comic Con next month. He’s doing commission starting at £140. Very tempted. If nothing else I will definitely get my UY Saga books signed.


London Super Comic Con is this weekend and I was really hoping to get a nice Blacksad sketch from Juanjo Guarnido. That’s out the window now as he’s charging £140 for a bust and £220 for a full figure.


A4 sketches?


I believe so. I tend to try and get pre con commissions as opposed to sketches at the con itself as you generally get better more detailed ones. However, some artists only sketch at cons.

In other news Humberto Ramos is charging £3 per signature. He’s got some flak on twitter about that I gather. In 20+ cons the only person I’ve ever seen charging for sigs is Neal Adams who charges something ridiculous like £15 per one. Mike Zeck is at LSCC and I hear he also charges.

There’s no chance I’m ever paying anyone for a signature.


Frank and Esad aren’t very nice? Aww that makes me sad to know :frowning: Esad was one of the ones I was looking forward to meeting!


I wouldn’t say they’re ’ not very nice’, it was more that they were grumpy and didn’t really want to chat. Maybe they were just having an off day.


The Edinburgh and Glasgow conventions are meant to be good. There’s one in Dundee, which has in the past had Bryan Talbot, David Lloyd, Dave Gibbons and Warren Ellis as guests. There’s one in Dunfermline later this year with Mike Collins and Jamie Delano also.


Heading to Glasgow and Edinburgh this year. Both are fantastic .I’d encourage anyone to give them both a try . Edinburgh has a good mix of comics and tv whilst Glasgow is just a straight Comic con where the creators are the stars and that makes it a permanent fixture in my diary.


Has anyone been to MCM Comic Con Birmingham? A friend of mine is oddly keen on going, but it looks a bit light on interesting guests to me (seems to be one of those conventions that sticks “comic con” in the name because they think it’s a generic term and then just has film and TV guests).

The dealer room might sway me, but the website doesn’t actually give any details about what’ll be there. Is it worth the ticket?


I’ve not been to a con since the first Kapow.

It’s hard to talk mates with a passing interest into going and i really love panels etc, which bores my mates to tears because they have very little idea who the creators are.

Its been a while but i think id like to just bite the bullet and go myself, it’s not like it’s far from home.


Panels at Glasgow Comic Con have been great last 3 year’s I’ve been and are the major part of why I go. Edinburgh this year has Pattara and Burnham so hoping to get a panel from at least one of those.
As for hitting them yourself I attend the cons with a pal of mine but I would have no problem going myself. They really are easy going and if you are at Glasgow pop over and say hi…I’ll be at the bar :wink:


Cheers Kevin.

I think im going to go, so closer to the time i’ll maybe give you a shout on here then come over & say hello on the day.


Sounds like a plan!


This might be of interest if you can make it to any of the Aye Con panels


Sorry Kevin, can’t get that link to open on my phone.

Any ideas?