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Two Very Unlikely Roommates


So I came for the contest and am definitely staying for the community, I didn’t know this place existed! Anywho, I write comics, I’ve got a free web comic I write called “Shero and Vex” at A hero and villain become roomies and nonsense ensues. The artist is Erika Swanson. We’ve been at it for almost two years now and we have a pretty good time working on it. Hope you like it and happy to be here!


Welcome Rebecca! I checked out your strip - it’s funny! Best of luck in the competition.


Thanks a bunch!


Welcome to the boards! Enjoyed the strip. Is there a Facebook page or Twitter page I can follow to get updates about the comic?


If you follow me on twitter @rbonksr you’ll see me squawking when the next one is out. We do them monthly, the next one should be out within a week


I made the link to the comic clickable.

I like it too.


Lol thanks, yeah adding the URL definitely comes in handy.


I was just going to read one, and I read the whole lot right through :thumbsup:


That’s awesome! Thanks for taking the time


The artist for Shero and Vex Erika Swanson has been going to school for animation and sent me this little walk cycle with Shero and I had to share with you guys. Part of our game plan is to eventually do an animated series so this had me squealing like a girl and bouncing around my condo, terrifying my cats. Behold, Shero lives!


I like your comic, it’s a lot of fun!
Great work.


Thanks! I appreciate you taking the time to look


Latest issue of Shero and Vex is up!