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Two issues of my comic


Hey everyone, as another new member, I think the best way to introduce myself is probably to show my work.
Here’s a book I write called Wolf Hands, everything is up on the site.

Click Season One at the top to get started.


Really dug this! Nips along at a really good pace and there’s no long draw out origin - just straight into the madness! Great stuff.


Damn…I can say one thing, I love the artwork :+1:, nice job Bruce

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Nothing to do with me - I’m a talentless hack in the art department! I do agree the artwork is lovely!!! Some great energy to it.

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Thanks so much, glad you guys liked it.
Glad you picked up on the pace of it, Bruce, it’s something we focused on; trying to tell as much as possible in 13 pages per issue.


That definitely came across! I’ve liked the Facebook page to keen an eye out for reminders. Looking forward to reading more.

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