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Two GUNNS are writing the Jupiter's Legacy movie!!!!


Oh Hell yes. They’re writing it right now. Your new favourite superhero movie, to blow away the cobwebs of all the old ones you’re getting a little bored with…


Great news!


Rated R?


I don’t think it needs it. We’ll see.The best thing to do is just do the movie and serve the project. Let the rating then suit the movie.



I’d imagine you want to make some money, so why go R?

The tone of this movie is critical. That’s the discussion going on in the DC movie thread right now. Don’t do what Marvel and DC did. Or maybe do - they’re selling plenty of tickets and would be bathing in money if they’d just managed production budgets!


Why go R? Because the book is R. Some of the best moments in it are hard-R. Wanted did well as a rated R Millar adaptation. Deadpool crushed it as a hard R “superhero” film. Why couldn’t Jupiter’s Legacy do the same? The crowd that saw the Avengers 3 times in theaters is 18 plus, now. Watchmen failed as an R superhero film because the time wasn’t right. I think the time might be right now for a no bullshit, no tongue-in-cheek-with-its-meta-commentary super hero movie that can say “fuck.” Game of Thrones is a hard R fantasy breakout success. Why couldn’t you apply that same idea to Super hero movies? GOT is to LOTR as Jupiter could be to Avengers.


I wouldn’t call the book R.
The only thing that really stands out is Lady Liberty’s death.

The rest is…tough PG-13


It is quite mean and cynical though.
Until #4 of course.
I guess if The Dark Knight is a 12A then you could manage it with Jupiter’s Legacy.

How many films is this supposed to be?


Yeah, I think an R is probably not necessary. Only the occasional extreme violence and language of the comic would really necessitate it, and I think that can be toned down for the movie without losing anything. This is big, grand, sweeping generational superhero drama that I think has broad enough appeal that it would be a shame to limit the audience with a high rating.


The book is absolutely not R. There’s no swearing as such and there’s only two gory moments, both of which would work better in the movie underplayed. Gore has no place outside of horror movies and this ain’t a horror. I don’t think this needs to be an R at all. If anything, the second volume is the most fun book on the stands. I’d like a wider audience for this.



It runs the risk of looking like a Marvel/DC knockoff unless it does something to differentiate itself. Being a superhero movie for adults is unique, and something no one else is offering right now. Yet another superhero romp is going to be a hard sell. A semi-realistic look at superhero archetypes that speaks to adults and older teens might be just what the audience is looking for. Deadpool proved that an R rating won’t be a kiss of death. Jupiter could take that ball and run with it.


I think Deadpool was a genuine case of the material demanding it. I’m not sure I can see the case for that here.


Then it would be playing for that rating for the sake of it.
While Deadpool used it because…it was expected.


Fair enough. I’m just submitting that it could work, and could make money. An R rating isnt the death knell it used to be. Millar’s books are unique, and Legacy is a pretty adult book with pretty adult themes and language. A pg 13 rating might make more money short term, which is fine… but an r rating could take it to the stratosphere. Again…the kids that went to see Avengers a bunch of times are all grown up now, and they have disposable income.


There’s less swearing in Jupiter’s Legacy than any of the last 3 X-men films.



It doesn’t need a R rating to do that I think. The story as it stands will out Watchmen Watchmen and do what DC are trying to do in a less clumsy manner. The second volume is so good that it’ll blow minds on the big screen. Mark’s imagination makes it seem he’s playing chess with the idea of superpowers while Marvel and DC are still playing checkers.


I agree with all of this :slight_smile:



Oh HELL no! It may take some sophisticated writing and impeccable research, but since it HAS to be a period piece be aware only in the most extreme intimate circumstances were social standards violated in terms of speaking explicitly to the point. If I take tales I’ve heard with as many grains of salt as required, I must say even two guys indulging in a gay marriage did not address matters as specifically to the point as is done today. Stick with the adjectives you used - Closeted. Alcoholic. etc. This starts before things like the film Days of Wine and Roses which started national discussions. Before, things were very different. We tend to try to lighten it up a bit, but at the time there were absolutes.

And I better not get so much of a hint of using John Phillips Sousa anywhere! Careful attention to the emergence of jazz, and what jazz was used in what social circle, is critical.

Man, what might happened if I cared about this project? :rolling_eyes:


Is Russel Brand getting a bit part?