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Twin Peaks - Spoilers Inside!



Totally mesmerised by this now.

The cast just keeps getting better and better.

ps the shovels was just brilliant


I love the scene of the salesman realizing that he loves green tea at the meeting Dougie went to. His smile is so innocent and bashful.


Yeah that was awesome


Also, this was a beautiful, haunting track to go out on that fitted the scene perfectly





Also, this beat fucking rules. Didn’t expect to hear it again this episode.


I am so glad Annie’s scene in FWWM is no longer completely pointless.


What do you mean?

EDIT: Oh, do you mean the diary pages?


Yeah. Those are clearly the ones where Laura actually listened to Annie’s advice.


New theory, hot and fresh off the presses.


Another great episode…the assassin with the ice pick was named Ike “The Spike” according to the credits :smiley:

Also I loved how that lady got her theme song last episode only to be brutally murdered the week after.

I wonder what is up with the drugged mother (one one nine!) and her kid…I’ve read the theory they are the new incarnations of the Tremonds.

Lynch is also playing with numbers. There is a six and another number on the telephone pole we see after the kid gets killed in the hit-and-run, which is the same six in the same font we saw as the one on the electricity pole in the trailer camp Fire Walk with Me. The font also matches the numbers 3 and 15 that were on the weird electrical devices on the wall in the purple room in episode 3 and it is the same font as the 7 that is shown next to the elevator Philip Jeffries walks out of in FWWM. I think the font somehow signifies these are portals between different dimensions in the Twin Peaks universe.


That makes sense. It also fits with what we saw in this episode–Carl Rodd (Stanton) sees the dead boy’s soul start to rise toward the sky and then it fades away when it starts to pass the power lines. Then it cuts to the telephone pole in the Fat Trout Trailer Park, which is basically Lynch saying: “Hey! Remember this symbol from the movie? It’s gonna be important.” The trailer park is also where Chet Desmond disappeared.

Was the dead boy’s soul intercepted?

IIRC, in FWWM the Man from Another Place talks about electricity during the demon meeting scene, which is packed with clues about the Black Lodge and its residents. I think there’s a recurring motif of electrical noises in the film (also, the TV static). We’ve got power lines as a recurring symbol. Dale returned to the physical world via an electrical outlet. I think electricity is a key part of this mythos. Seems to be a mode of transport for the demons.


Also, regarding Carl Rodd - In The Secret History of Twin Peaks, [spoiler]Carl and the Log Lady were abducted by a UFO as children. The book later suggests that UFOs/aliens are creatures from another dimension rather than other planets. This would suggest they are another manifestation of the Black Lodge/White Lodge beings. The gray creature that killed the man and woman watching the glass box also looked a lot like a “Gray.”

The Log Lady got some kind of ability or knowledge from the encounter (even before her husband died and got his soul trapped in the log, she seemed to possess some kind of prescience, according to the book). Carl seems to have gained something, too.[/spoiler]


I am giving the original series a rewatch. In the second season after the first two episodes which Lynch directed things took a turn for the worse. Man there is some sloppy writing and illogical plotting in there. And I don’t mean Lynchesque, cool illogical, mostly the bad kind of illogical.

The good episodes are brilliant though. I guess it is testament to their quality that despite the dropoff in quality that happened lalter the series is so well remembered.


A major part of the problem is that the other creatives clearly thought that this was meant to be a straightfoward soap opera.


I did love the episode Diane Keaton directed. She put her own spin on the Lynch style.


I rewatched the first episode last night. I might rewatch some more of them tonight.

Bad Dale’s intro music (and the whole intro scene, really) is so badass. Can’t wait to see him and the good Dale show down.

I hope next week’s episode has Dale return to his senses. But having him recover his memories after saving his coworkers from Ike the Spike seems a bit too obvious for Lynch. But at the same time, I would not say no to a scene like that! :smile:


The Ike the Spike thing topped Wally Brando for funniest scene of Season 3, imo.`


Yeah, I laughed out loud when he saw that his icepick had bent.


I checked and they’re two different telephone poles that just happen to have the same numbers on it. There are telephone poles next to the road where the hit and run happened so I guess it’s one of them.

Also the road is the same as this one in FWWM: