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Twin Peaks - Spoilers Inside!


Oh yeah, The Missing Pieces is great. I wish none of the Jeffries/demon meeting scenes had been cut.

In FWWM, MIKE wants Laura to wear the ring, which would bond her to the Black Lodge. That’s why Cooper warns her not to put on the ring, but in the train car when BOB is about to possess her, she doesn’t really have a choice.

That’s why I think MIKE is a kind of lawful evil within the Black Lodge. He feeds on pain and sorrow but doesn’t mess with the internal order/logic of the Lodge. Whereas BOB is constantly trying to undermine the rules so he can have it all.


I meant to say this earlier, but do you guys know that Twin Peaks kinda sorta takes place in the Marvel Universe?





According to the Peter David/Larry Stroman run on X-Factor in the early 90s, Dale Cooper is Val Cooper’s brother



I agree.

For me Twin Peaks: The Return is far more like Lynch as I know him throughout his catalogue of movies.

The original Twin Peaks was Lynch light, particularly as a lot of the decisions, including the infamous decision to reveal LP’s killer earlier than intended, were enforced by the studio.

This might be sacrilegious, but the 3 epsiodes of new series Ive watched have been superior to the original.

I liked the original first time round but when I watched it again this year I had a problem with the cheesy soap aspects of it and I’m glad they’ve toned it down.


That explanation of the wood all makes sense within the context of the show - it’s brilliant to find out some of this stuff.


I highly recommend reading Frost’s Secret History then! It’s a really fun book, compiled as a dossier by a Twin Peaks resident on the history of the town/area from Lewis & Clark to right after the season 2 finale (it clears up the bank explosion and a few other things).


Just watched ep 4, accompanied with a lovely bottle of red wine.

Just fantastic.

Nothing makes me feel the way I feel when I watch these new episodes, I’m completely mesmerised by it and I can’t fully understand why it has hooked me so.

That David Lynch had so much screen time here made it even more rewarding. The scene between him and Albert, discussing the reappearance of Cooper and their feelings on it, which then morphed into the closing track was perfection.

I pray this does well, it deserves an audience. There’s nothing like it.


So…this is gonna be the first time we are all on the same page then?
With tonight.


Probably tomorrow for me with the time difference, but essentially yeah …


I loved the payoff to the Dr. Jacoby shovel spray-painting from the first few episodes.

The Dougie scenes are fun, but I hope we get him back to full Cooper soon.


Whoah dr Jacoby has gone full Alex Jones!


I’ve seen a theory that the Dougie scenes are in an alternate universe, meant to keep Coop from getting back to the real world. But finding Dougie’s ring from Janey-E’s in the corpse from episode 1 would suggest otherwise


The theory I saw was that the Dougie stuff takes place around 2003. (It has something to do with the license tag on his car and the use of Blackberry phones.)


The license for that state has the larger number being the month.
The “03” means March. Not 2003.

And people in those same scenes aren’t using tablets and smartphones as well.


Anyone else recognize Sonny Jim as the kid from Looper?


With the show having so many locations (South Dakota, Las Vegas, New York, Washington and now Argentina) I kinda hope they do something with Cooper’s fetish for Tibet. I guess they did not shoot there, but some location in the US could stand in for Tibet.

The show does get the dugpa reference in the second season wrong though, the dugpas (or more properly drukpas) are not some evil sorcerors, they are just another branch of Tibetan Buddhism. Lynch (or whoever wrote those episodes) must have gathered his information from Blavatsky who painted a very biased picture of the drukpas. (although this may reflect prejudices which existed in Tibet as well, there was lots of infighting between the different sects)


Really liked this write up of what makes the new season so compelling:

Although the writer does say that Lynch’s last few films aren’t among his best, which is baffling to me. Mulholland Drive is in my top 3 movies ever made, and Inland Empire, while (imo) hard to love, is perhaps his most fascinating work.


Mulholland Dr. yeah I don’t know where else you would rank that other than high. Definitely wouldn’t say it’s not his best.