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Twin Peaks - Spoilers Inside!


I love David Lynch:

[quote]What were you doing last night while we were all watching the premiere? Were you watching, too?
A whole bunch of cast and crew went to a bar in the valley, and they had a big screening. So I pictured them there. I was at home working on a table in my woodshop.[/quote]


Did you see that new doc about him “The Art Life”?
It’s just an hour and a half of him anecdoting his way through his life.

Maximum comfy.


Not yet but it sounds intriguing. I also got Catching the Big Fish for Christmas last year along with Secret History, so I’ve got to read that too.


Finished Secret History and really enjoyed it, especially the early sections (pre-1900s) and the closing section that goes into Doug Milford’s (he’s the beret-wearing old guy who ran the Twin Peaks Post and had a rivalry with his brother, the mayor) UFO investigations, bringing in figures like Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons, and Nixon.

It also obliquely gave an answer to one of the weirdest scenes in season 2–the scene where Joan Chen’s spirit gets trapped in a wooden doorknob. [spoiler]This happened at the Great Northern, which was built with wood from Twin Peaks. I don’t know why I didn’t realize this before, given the explanation for the Log Lady’s prophetic log (it contains her dead husband’s soul), but apparently wood from Twin Peaks, most likely because of its proximity to the Black and White Lodges, can absorb the souls of the dead.

The book doesn’t definitively state that this is what happened to Joan Chen’s character, but it does mention that a building in another state built from Twin Peaks wood was rumored to be haunted, which made me think of that scene.[/spoiler]

Not sure if this will impact the story more than it already has but it’s nice to finally have an answer to that weird-ass scene.


I didn’t think that needed an answer.
There’s a reason why they call it the Ghost Wood.
And I had been hearing the connection to the Log Lady’s log for years before the book.

but glad it’s finally been confirmed for you.


Yeah, I’m embarrassed for missing it. It’s the exact same thing as the Log Lady’s log but for whatever reason that didn’t connect until I read the book.


Now to blow the lid wide open that Jurgen Prochnow in Fire Walk With Me is probably her husband.



Man that opens up a lot of possibilities. I always figured all the characters gathered at the meeting above the convenience store were evil.


Nope, they’re just the ones stuck in the Black Lodge.
Be they entities or just souls.

Philip Jeffries isn’t evil, but he sat in on one of their meetings.


Jeffries appears to be sinister now, although that story’s still unraveling.

Any others beside Prochnow you think aren’t evil? Don’t know anything about the Jumping Man, although he might be a doppelganger of the grandson (like the Giant was hinted to be a doppelganger of the dwarf in the season 2 finale), given they wear the same type of long-nosed mask at different points. The grandson and the dwarf are both shown eating garmonbozia, and the dwarf, grandson, and old woman all wanted Laura for the Black Lodge.


If that is Jeffries. BOB-Coop is skeptical, and honestly, I think it’s more likely Jeffries got NON-EXIST-ENT and that it’s just some other malevolent Lodge spirit pretending to be him.

I think the only one who isn’t evil is the Giant. He’s only seen in the Waiting Room, but never the Black Lodge - and the black and white room he talks to Coop in might be the White Lodge.

Everyone else, whatever their methods, are still Black Lodge spirits and still feed on Garmonbozia.


And Prochnow too, surely?

Isn’t the entirety of the red room the “waiting room,” with the Black Lodge being unseen? Or just the room with the chairs where Dale had his dream of Laura? That part was never clear to me.


The room with the chairs is the waiting room, but I figure anything past that where everything is in shadow and there’s strobe lights every where is meant to be the Black Lodge.

As thats where Windham Earle was and he wanted to get there.


Yeah, just rewatched the latter half of the season 2 finale and that makes more sense now.

Also, think I got it wrong about the Giant being the dwarf’s doppelganger. He says “one and the same” while sitting next to the dwarf but he’s most likely referring to the elderly bellhop, whose place he took immediately prior to sitting down. And this wouldn’t necessarily make the elderly bellhop his doppelganger, just a disguise.

The dwarf does have a doppelganger, though–the milky-eyed dwarf Dale sees when he goes past the waiting room. The dwarf had told Dale that when he next saw him, he (the dwarf) would not be himself, and the milky-eyed look is how all the other doppelgangers (Dale, Laura, Leland, Caroline) appear in the Lodge.

And when the dwarf evolved into a weird tree, so did his doppelganger.

Weird that he has a doppelganger, since his (and MIKE’s) actions in FWWM are definitely evil. Maybe the dwarf/MIKE represent a kind of lawful evil within the Black Lodge and the yellow-headed tree doppelganger (possibly in league with BOB?) wants to smash all the rules.


I think it might also imply that he, or mike by extension, used to be human…or at least mortal.


Maybe this guy is somehow involved:


Yeah, the Giant is essentially inhabiting the bellhop the way that BOB inhabited Leland.

MIKE may or may not be evil. I think he’s more of an ambivalent character. I think it’s clear that he’s better than BOB, but he’s still the same kind of spirit, so he needs to consume garmonbozia. In Fire Walk With Me he appears to be trying to thwart BOB, both by trying to disrupt his plans and demanding his garmonbozia back (strengthening himself and weakening BOB).

So, while he might be trying to do good, his very nature requires him to eat human sorrow and pain.

If you haven’t watched it yet, I’d advise watching Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces too. It’s all the deleted scenes from Fire Walk With Me edited together into their own movie. It also includes scenes which takes place after the Season 2 finale (if anyone was wondering what did happen to Annie).

Plus a lot of the stuff with Phillip Jeffries, the owl ring and the Black Lodge is expanded upon too.


I love this quote from the article you linked.
It’s so true.
I watched eps 1&2 on my new tv and sound system that I bought recently, in the dark incidentally - without seeing this and I was completely mesmerised by it.

I was going to watch ep3 on my phone/iPad because I could not get it on in the main room, but I held off because the sound design is so good in terms of atmosphere that I feel I’d be missing a massive component of the experience.

“The thing is, it’s very important to see something with a quiet room, good sound, good picture, no interruptions. It gives you a chance to go into another world and have a different experience. So in that case, it doesn’t matter what goes on in the so-called ‘real’ world; it gives you a chance to go into another world. And that is a beautiful, beautiful thing.”


Is “The Missing Pieces” available on Netflix?
I know it’s on the box set (w/ FWWM) that they released after the one I bought (The Complete Series), bastards.

Want to see that, and FWWM again (don’t own it).
A giant box set with everything including the current series is something to look forward to.


No it’s not.
A quick search might bring it up though.