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Twin Peaks - Spoilers Inside!


I thought I saw something that Julee Cruise is also supposed to be back.


Yeah, she’s in the cast list too.


According to AMazon Prime’s trivia sidebar she was credited whenever they play the “Everyone cries at laura palmer” music.


I am still hoping we will be surprised by an appearance by David Bowie.

Speaking of surprises, I am really enjoying not knowing what is going to happen next. I love the fact that spoilers are fairly non-existent. (I would skipped them as best as I could.) It’s a rare treat going into a TV series or movie not knowing what will happen or being able to predict plot points.

The show’s unpredictability is one of its biggest strengths.


same here.
It’s enough that they referenced him though, in any case. If he doesn’t show up I just assume he suffered the fate that Cooper narrowly escaped so far.


Just have the first line from I’m Deranged play randomly over a scene, crossover with Lost Highway.


I think another difference is the split between Cooper in “real life” and lodge Cooper. Leland wasn’t split up in two like that, there was no “good Leland” trapped in the lodge, both good and bad were present in one body.

I believe Bob is something that makes the base, animalistic urges we all have take precedence. Bob is not limited to matter or form, it is a state of mind. So Bob is expressed differently by its different hosts.

It isn’t even really “Bob”, I believe that is just the name Laura gave it because she knew a Bob and a Mike, and subconsciously assigned those names to those dreams and feelings, the urges she had as well. I think even the Red Room could have been shaped by Laura’s dreams, all created by her as an elaborate fantasy world to make sense of the abuse she suffered. There is also the angel in Fir Walk With Me, which was on a painting in Laura’s room I think, and which later materialized in the Red Room as Laura died. The (black) lodge is older though, the red room is just the way Laura “painted” it.

Lynch has an interest in Buddhist philosophy and I believe there is a theme of struggle with the urges of greed and desire, running throughout the series. This was shown again in the new series when evil Cooper says “You follow human nature perfectly”, namely our lower urges, and when he said he doesn’t need, he just wants. Another moment that struck me as confirming this was Sarah Palmer watching the nature documentary with the gruesome footage of lions devouring their prey, which also reminded me of the brutal way the ghost form from the glass box killed its “prey”.


In their business model this is all Showtime cares about:

Twin Peaks‘ numbers are soft, given that anticipation for the revival’s premiere led the premium cabler to both its single biggest day and weekend of signups ever.

If every single existing subscriber watches a show they don’t make an extra penny. If half a million new guys sign up to watch Twin Peaks they make a load. Ratings are not what they were.


Edits are starting to be made. This is my favorite so far.


I loved that scene. Brilliantly explained why you can never find anything that’s missing.


Loved how Gordon Cole delivered the audience reaction:


What’s missing is the music. :unamused:

The scenes set in Twin Peaks could have used some score. The quirkiness of these scenes just doesn’t work without the score, the scene seems stark and awkward the way it was presented on tv.


Arguably, that’s the point - as it is how Lynch’s humor usually rolls cinematically.


Yeah, he’s bringing his approach to movies post-Twin Peaks to the revival. I agree that sometimes it can be stilted but it’s intentional on his part.

The Lynch project this most feels like is Inland Empire. Thankfully no 4k, though.


I do think that there’s still that sense of what the show’s more commonly known tone was in places.
I don’t think we’ll ever see the show jump right into it, but the scene in Episode 4 shows that even the score does so much.



I know that’s a parody site, but who else knows people who sorta got into it recently cause of the hype and weren’t expecting Lynch to…be Lynch?

I swear, I’ve seen complaints about how the third season has ruined the “ambiguity” of the original series. Which I can’t fathom.


I think some may have expected more of the small town quirkiness that Twin Peaks had. This is more horror, and there is also quite a bit of nudity. The tone is just different, I can see how it is not for everybody. It is definitely Lynch though.


The nudity definitely surprised me when I first watched Fire Walk With Me.