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Twin Peaks - Spoilers Inside!


I honestly can’t breathe thinking about that one character’s 5-6 minute monologue.


The road is my dharma!


gravelley “I have come to pay respects to my Godfather”

Just dying.


Oh, and just a thought…but NON-EXIST-ENT probably explains this deleted scene from Fire Walk With Me.


This is happening RIGHT NOW.

Heee here hee hee.

His greatest role for sure.


Aye, best thing in ages.


One of the cool things is people obviously love working with Lynch because they come back. He also treats his friends pretty well - Agent Tammy Prescott is actually a singer Lynch often uses in his music compositions (not an actor) but he gave her a starring role.


Her character is also the focus character in The Secret History of Twin Peaks.

Meaning her role here might be large.


Reading that now. Man, it goes far back–starting with Lewis & Clark!


It covers pretty much every era relevant to the show.
It’s kinda insane and pulls threads that make the first two episodes a lot more coherent in a sense/




Let’s be honest, we all want an Elseworld where Clark is Superman to Lewis’s Lois Lane


Or a twin peaks / superman crossover.

It could be called Twin Pecs


I love that Lynch is ending episodes with a “live performance” at the Roadhouse during the credits. Such a fun way to end each show. I hope he keeps it up throughout the series.


I hope Episode 4 gets more warm response because it’s really a fantastically crafted episode.


I think this whole series is going to be one where people are going to time-shift and/or re-watch episodes.

I wonder what the numbers were on people who re-watched the original series again leading up to the new one? I will say from my own personal experience, I’m glad I did as many things are now fresh in my mind.


There’s a few more musicians listed in the big credits list - Eddie Vedder, Trent Reznor, Sharon Van Etten, and Sky Ferreira are all in there - but probably not enough for the whole run. There could have been some filmed after the cast list was released though.


Also his wife Maureen, so I’m assuming they’ll show up playing a How To Destroy Angels track rather than a NIN one.


Robin Finck is in the list too, so maybe both?


Possibly, he’s not played with NIN in almost 10 years though.