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Twin Peaks - Spoilers Inside!


Having watched the first four episodes, I think it gets better after the two part opener, I was kind of torn after the opener but the story tightens up a bit later.


Emphasis on “ent”


I think that the framework of the series is going to be a coalescing effect.
That’s why I think, while interesting, the first two episodes are weaker because they’re like darts in the dark.




The key to appreciation is probably not expecting everything to be explained or make rational sense, it follows a similar kind of associative dream logic like Mulholland Drive and Inland Empire. I liked the lighter touches like Dougie Jones’s casino antics and family life, it’s necessary to offset the stark horror.


Yeah, I thought it was fairly mild, maybe a bit disappointing, watching for the first time - but in discussing it here, on other forums, and with friends - I realized that I had retained a lot of what had been shown.

The symbology and dreamlike nature of several scenes really help to highlight what Lynch is hoping to convey. And in reflection…I really didn’t dislike any scene.

I was amused at a certain scene in Episode 4, but recalling it made me laugh harder than I’d have thought.








Is this going to a one season thing or is there a possibility it may become longer?

It also seems this “season” will be 18 episodes according to its wiki, but I’m reading 8 episodes elsewhere, also on the wikipedia entry at the “episodes” heading there are only 8 episodes scheduled. Maybe the release scedule for the rest of the episodes is to be determined?


That’s it.
Only chunks of any tv show’s season order get released at a time.

This is a one-off thing. That’s why it’s 18 episodes.


David Lynch has said that he has nothing planned after Twin Peaks wraps, which makes sense. 11 years went by between this and his last project.


I see the first two episodes as re-acclimation/acclimation. They guide you back in while also letting you know this is going to be Twin Peaks with nothing held back. They did what they needed to do very effectively.

I watched 3 and 4 and loved them. This series is exceeding the original.

Also, I keep waiting for this guy to show up:



Call for help.



Yes! The trippy parts reminded me of Legion right away. They’re similarly cartoonish, no attempt at all to look realistic (like, say, Inception).

One of the settings even reminded me of a specific setting in Legion. (The house in limbo that Dale goes to. From the outside, it reminded of Jemaine Clement’s ice cube.)


Is it OK to mention here that David Lynch always has amazing women in his movies and tv projects?The man has taste. I love Naomi Watts, the woman who played Jade, the new FBI agent (Tammi Preston I think) and hopefully we get to see Laura Dern soon.


So I knew I would love this ever since NON-EXIST-ENT but I’m on episode 3 now and my new opinion is that this is probably the funniest show that’s ever been created.


Episode 4 was so fucking funny :smiley:


Heh heh.

I’m watching it now.

Hee hee. I love this absurd stuff so much.