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Twin Peaks - Spoilers Inside!


Episode 4 is just great. The intro to some new characters and some old ones are just hilarious. Gordon’s meeting with Denise is played so straight and corny I loved it.


I’m binge watching the four released eps later tonight, just waiting for nightfall to enhance the experience.

Seven hours according to meteoroligsts.


I thought it was hella cool.

The Chromatics at the end was radical dude.


Having recently watched the original series again, I love that in the Twin Peaks Universe, dream pop is listened to by young and old alike. It’s on juke boxes like at the Double R and performed live at the Roadhouse. Not what you would expect to be the dominant sound of a logging town.



I think it would be good to nail down what the demonic characters want, although given the nature of the show there’s gonna a lot of stuff that hasn’t been and will probably never be explained.


In FWWM, we learn that BOB has made a deal with MIKE/The Man from Another Place (the dwarf is Mike’s arm; in The Return, he “evolves” into a talking sycamore tree) to give the green ring to Laura Palmer. This marks her as MIKE’s. Teresa Banks, the woman BOB killed before Laura, also wore the green ring. We don’t see what happens to her after she dies–whether she ends up in the Black Lodge, like Laura.

But BOB tries to betray MIKE with Laura Palmer. He wants to possess her, like he possessed Leland Palmer. He takes her up to the train car to do this, but MIKE throws the green ring into the car and Laura puts it on. Since he can’t have her now, BOB kills her and her soul goes to the Black Lodge. Her soul now belongs to MIKE.

At the end of FWWM, there’s a weird scene where BOB brings Leland to the red room (the “waiting room” of the Black Lodge). He gives MIKE Leland’s “garbonzonia,” a yellow substance that looks like cream corn and is Leland’s “pain and sorrow.” Presumably, this is the pain and sorrow Leland has felt committing awful crimes while possessed by BOB.

BOB/Leland returns to Twin Peaks, and the events of the original show unfold. Dale finds out that Leland killed Laura, Leland dies. His soul ends up in the Black Lodge. In the finale of season 2, Dale gets trapped in the Black Lodge while his doppelganger, who is BOB, escapes into the world.

Now, spoilers for The Return (including episodes 3 & 4):

[spoiler]25 years have passed. Dale is still in the Black Lodge. Bad Dale/BOB is still at large. But, we learn that BOB must return to the Black Lodge after 25 years. This is either a law of the Black Lodge or another deal he has made with MIKE. When he returns, Dale can go free.

But BOB has made a plan to escape the Black Lodge. Using a tiny gold orb (of unknown origin/properties), he somehow crafts a duplicate of Dale, named Dougie Jones. This is the Dale that is summoned back to the Black Lodge.

Interestingly, Dougie is summoned because he is wearing the green ring. Was BOB supposed to wear this ring while he was out in the world? If so, this seems like a change in his relationship with MIKE. Before, BOB was supposed to give the green ring to the victims whose souls he promised MIKE. (I guess the garbonzonia is something else he owes MIKE as part of their deal? Or maybe MIKE demanded Leland’s garbonzonia because BOB tried to betray him?)

In any case, if he was supposed to wear the green ring, then that means he is supposed to belong to MIKE. The Dougie Jones ruse liberates him from his service. Both Dougie and BOB/Bad Dale vomit up garbonzonia when Dougie is summoned to the Black Lodge, but it stays in the real world and MIKE doesn’t appear to take it. Not sure what that means.

Now BOB is free to use Dale’s doppelganger body indefinitely. It seems like everything in the Black Lodge has a doppelganger. Even MIKE has a doppelganger–or doppelgangers. The Giant is hinted to be the dwarf’s doppelganger in the season 2 finale. And in The Return, a yellow-headed sycamore tree that the Man from Another Place calls his doppelganger attacks Dale and banishes him from the Black Lodge into some sort of limbo. Is the doppelganger sycamore working with BOB or does it have its own agenda?

The real Dale travels through this limbo and escapes through an electrical outlet (!!!) into the real world, where he takes Dougie’s place after Dougie is summoned to the Black Lodge. MIKE appears to him in a vision and tells him that he must kill the Bad Dale or be killed by him. Trouble is, Dale has been mentally damaged by his stay in the Black Lodge and doesn’t remember anything. So he’ll have to remember who he is before he can do anything about BOB/his doppelganger. And that pretty much brings us up to the end of episode 4.

The demonic beings walk our world to collect garbonzonia by possessing us and making us do terrible things. BOB is in the middle of his master plan to free himself from MIKE’s control and his bondage to the Black Lodge. He seems to like the real world better. And if Dale is to get his life back, then he needs to kill his doppelganger and send BOB back to the Black Lodge. That seems to be the basic plot of The Return, at least as it concerns Dale, BOB, and MIKE.[/spoiler]


sounds about right


One question I still have is how and why BOB’s possession of Dale is different from his possession of Leland. Leland seemed to have some control over himself while BOB was in him. He also didn’t seem to know he was possessed, or he had at least buried the knowledge. But doppelganger Dale seems like he’s just BOB. There’s no conflict in him. Is this because he’s a doppelganger and not Dale’s true body? If that’s the case, why is BOB using a doppelganger of Dale when he didn’t use one for Leland?

This may be one of those things that might never be answered. But it’s possible it has been answered, or hinted, and I missed it.


Here’s a theory I’ve heard: that they take on cues from their host. Leland was abused as a child, and even in FWWM he does have a sexual underside to his personality, which BOB was able to tap into when he possessed him. Dale is more ordered and controlled, so BOB-Coop is thus more callous and detached.


Ooh, I like that.


I mean, it then makes sense in a different way as to why they were able to take Leland’s Garmonbozia in FWWM despite it being possession…because it’s a tad more than possession.


How do you mean?


I mean, if it’s tapping into their host’s personalities in some way, then it’s them in some way.


Ah yeah, good point.


Not to beat the dead point, but it also fits in with how Doppel-Leland mocks Dale in the S2 finale: “I did not kill anybody” etc.

As for the Ring, I think it just signifies a general covenant with the Black Lodge. Even in Secret History it’s purpose is a vague notion of protection or pact.


Well, it’s not getting dark quick enough, so I’ve taped the curtains over the windows (witch duct tape) and will get to watching in a few minutes.



Just watched all four episodes, and I’m all in.


Just finished 1&2, and I loved it. Lynch has a great way to make mundane things weird and scary, and it was in full effect here. The tension keeps on ratcheting up, and each moment of oddness or violence just extends that tension rather than release it. This feels like a labour of live in the best possble way.


I have no idea what’s going on.