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Twin Peaks - Spoilers Inside!


Whatever it is, it was the best thing that happened this year.


That’s not exactly a high bar to cross. I mean, it would have been the best thing in a really good year too, but still.


This year wasn’t the glut of awesome content that 2016 was but there’s still been a lot of great stuff, especially in TV: Big Little Lies, Legion, Better Call Saul, Fargo, Master of None, Vice Principals, Insecure, etc.

I’d say Twin Peaks faces stiffer competition in TV than in film, although for me it wins regardless.


I just meant 2017 the year, rather than 2017 on TV. There’s been pots of great TV


Oh yeah, globally this hasn’t been the best year…


The City’s Aquatics Supervisor sent me a W-9 to I could log the vendor into our finance system.

Look who it is:

So that’s what happened to him!


What year is this?


According to the form, this is the November 2017 revision.






I :heart: Blue Velvet so much. :mask::shushing_face: