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Twin Peaks - Spoilers Inside!



He had specifically told them, “make my hair stand on end,”

I assume Trent Reznor replied “David, have you looked in a mirror lately?”


How long has it been now, and no one on the interwebs has a video mash-up of Kyle MacLachlan (“Dougie Jones”) and William Shatner (“Denny Crane”)?

Someone kick this up the chain of command.



Makes as much sense as any other explanation.


Just finished season 3 and I really liked it.
It was about everything I could hope for about TP and I was even more surprised that a lot of what was going on was explained!
I did drop in here and read what people thought which tipped me off that I needed to go back and rewatch FWwM so thanks for that. oh, and explaining what Garmonbozia was. That was baffling me.

But yea. What a show!


What did you think of Episode 8?


I had to turn the TV off after it finished cause nothing else was going to be watchable after that.
That was also the ep I noticed Lynch does his own sound design which is just world class.


Only 2 weeks until the final book releases, and then December for all those special features on the BluRay.


Brent Briscoe, who played Detective Macklay, has died. :disappointed_relieved:

His understated performance really grounded the early episodes of the season, and his reaction to Bill Hastings getting killed in the back of his car was priceless.

I also really enjoyed him in A Simple Plan and Parks & Rec.


So, one week until The Final Dossier, anyone feel like maybe doing a group read or book club type thing?


I’d be down.



Is it out yet?


It comes out on Halloween.


Plot details are already being posted around, so if you have the book and would like to discuss it, then don’t forget to spoiler tag them for now.


I’m about halfway through the book. It’s good so far, answers a lot of questions about what happened between the end of season 2 and the beginning of The Return–including what happened to Annie Blackburn and Audrey! (The Audrey parts don’t prove or disprove any of the theories surrounding Charlie and the last scene she appears in.)

Frost, via narrrator Agent Tammy Preston, also remarks on Dale’s “white knight syndrome,” with Preston having a pretty harsh view of Dale. She blames him for endangering Caroline Earle and suggests his white knight syndrome is why he obsessed over the Laura Palmer case. It’s interesting for me to know that both Lynch and Frost are seemingly on-board with this view of Dale–that, while well-intentioned, he’s a destructive force for the women in his life. I was unsure if Frost would hold that opinion, as I’m not familiar with his work outside Twin Peaks; it fits that Lynch would want to delve into Dale’s dark side but I wasn’t sure about Dale’s other creator. (Keep in mind that there’s a lot of ambiguity to the ending of the show and whether or not Dale actually helps anyone.)

One pretty hilarious thing: Remember Lana, the beautiful woman from season 2 who married Doug Milford and ran in the Miss Twin Peaks contest against Annie? It turns out when he died, Milford had a jade green ring on him. It’s implied Lana gives the ring to men she marries, and when it takes them she holds on to all their assets. Agent Preston notes that she found a photo of Lana with “a notorious resident of a certain eponymous tower on Fifth Avenue,” in which the man is wearing a green ring. Preston notes: “In any case, their relationship was short-lived. As this was the nadir of the man’s whizbang financial exploits–rife with bankruptcies, noxious litigations, and other related derring-do–one suspects that the ever resourceful Lana may have managed to finagle a peak at the man’s bottom line and decided she could chum neighboring waters for bigger fish. Gee, wonder whatever happened to that guy.”


Some character recaps for people who don’t plan on reading the book:

Audrey Horne - Woke up not long after the coma she was in after the bank explosion. Found out she was pregnant with Richard 2 months later. Cut off ties with her father after he sold his plot of the Ghostwood Forest to a private prison company. A lot of the crime and drug use in the town can be traced back to depressed prison workers and their families. She had Richard and raised him on her own (with some help from her mother, Sylvia). She never spoke about Richard’s father, but had a framed picture of Dale in the office she kept in the beauty salon she opened after completing her GED and graduating from community college. She married an unnamed accountant, but cheated on him and fought with him in public. 4 years before The Return begins, she closed the salon and disappeared from public life. Preston notes a rumor that Audrey checked into a private care facility.

Annie Blackburn - A day after her experience in the Black Lodge, she fell into a catatonic state, completely unresponsive although doctors could find no physical explanation. 10 days later her sister Norma took her home but the catatonia persisted so eventually Norma had to check her into a psychiatric hospital. Without fail, once a year at 8:38 a.m. Annie says the words “I’m fine.” Preston visits with her and notes that Annie seems completely serene. Earlier in the dossier, Preston writes: “For all we know, had [Annie and Dale’s] relationship been given a chance to grow, it could have become the most healing bond either of them had ever experienced, possibly even (a heartbreaking thought) the love of a lifetime.” Is Frost hinting at a direction for a possible season 4?

Donna Hayward and other Haywards - The Haywards divorced after Ben Horne’s bombshell at the end of season 2. Will Hayward moved to Vermont, where he started a practice, and Eileen raised the girls. Harriet (the middle girl) becomes a pediatrician. Gersten, the youngest, got mixed up in crime and drug use, as we saw in season 3. Donna moved to NYC for school but became a model instead. She lived the glamor life for a while but suffered a nervous breakdown after her mother, with whom she never reconciled, passed away. She got hooked on drugs but eventually checked into rehab and got clean. She got back in touch with her father and moved up to Vermont where they reconciled. She works as an assistant in his office and is “very active in the local 12-step community.”

Leo Johnson - Found dead in Windom Earle’s cabin, but not from tarantula bites (Albert, in a hilarious autopsy report, notes “tarantulas aren’t ever fatally venomous, dipshit; they just look scary”). Leo instead died from five expertly placed gunshots to the heart. It’s unknown who killed him but Albert notes “scuff marks near the door, where it appears the shooter set his feet Bureau style.” Albert thinks it’s Windom Earle who killed him but the implication is that it was Dale’s doppelganger, cleaning up loose ends before leaving town. After all, Earle told Leo quite a lot about the Black Lodge.

I’m currently on the section about Dr. Jacoby, which is quite a lengthy chapter compared to most of the others. You get the impression from this book and the last one that Frost has an affinity for the doctor, and they agree on many points politically if you check out Frost’s twitter feed.

More to come later!


Thanks Will!!


Obviously, don’t click though if you don’t want Frost’s explanation of the last episode.