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Twin Peaks - Spoilers Inside!


The emperor has no clothes.


Heh! Leave it to Lynch.

I need to let this digest.


I have a theory, and it’s depressing as hell.


My take is also depressing. I wrote this up quickly for myself after watching the finale a 2nd time:

Laura Palmer was created to counteract the Experiment’s evil. That evil is the total destructive power of our species, reflected back at us. Laura was meant to be total goodness. But the Experiment, who is Judy, who is Sarah Palmer, had a plan. Her child BOB was to taint & finally possess Laura. She possessed Sarah Palmer to ensure this happened.

In FWWM, Laura defeats this plan via her own death. But to do this, she bound herself to the Black Lodge. She was out of Judy’s way. But Laura was still needed to somehow destroy Judy. And so Dale was given the means to go back in time and rescue Laura from death. He did this, erasing her death. Judy saw this happen and attacked Laura’s photo, and Laura herself. Laura was torn from Dale in the past, and from the Black Lodge. Judy sent Laura to another level of the dream: a new reality. Here she was corrupted again, remade into a killer. She was once again made like the pale horse: dark within.

Dale still believes she can destroy Judy. He brings her to Twin Peaks; he hopes to kill 2 birds with 1 stone: return Laura to herself by destroying Judy. But when they arrive, the Twin Peaks of this parallel universe has already been tainted beyond repair. Chalfont & Tremond are the names used by a Black Lodge spirit: the grandmother. Laura is awakened to herself when she recognizes this darkness, the same darkness that has finally corrupted her. Dale and his allies have failed. Humanity’s evil is too great.

Reality works like a dream. Parallel universes follow the logic of one dream giving way to another. Judy is slowly devouring the dream, as we devour ourselves. Our goodness, personified by Dale and the Fireman, is ultimately not enough.


That’s basically what I had down as well. With Sarah’s “Laurrraaa” at the end being one of the most chilling lines I’ve heard on the show. It’s utterly nerve wracking to hear that and realize that Sarah/Experiment has the upper hand.

Of course, there’s this other theory going around that it’s just Sarah waking Laura up in reality 25 years ago.


So - "What year is this?"
Are we going there? Or just a comment, but meant to open us up to,
Again I’m stopping and listening (and thank you guys).


I took it more as Dale realizing that, much like the Wu Tang, time travel ain’t nothin’ to fuck with.


Sarah Palmer - final episode of second season.
“I’m in the black lodge with Agent Cooper” (backwards speak)

In the Diner? Am I mis-remembering, but I thought she was a conduit (at that time).
Does that work with what you guys are saying, or forget it happened?


Well, if she is the Experiment…then yeah she would be there with him.


I took it as desperation on Dale’s part. His mind struggling against the knowledge that he’s lost (check out the look on his face when he hears the Chalfont name–he knows that name, and remembers where he heard it). He’s hoping against reason there’s still time, that the Palmers have not moved in yet and infected the town.

I don’t think it’s clear who was speaking through her at that moment. If Lynch/Frost’s plan all along was that she was possessed by an evil force, then that scene, and her psychic powers in general, were likely a hint about her connection to the Black Lodge.


At that time it was a message to others.
Although back then Lynch returned for final episode, not a lot of time and shouldn’t be beholden for final episode.


Aye, and then you only have to see these last two episode where Lynch re-edits and retcons the FUARK out of things.

That too. It’s a pretty metal ending.


2nd time watching the last two episodes helped me to understand them (at least, form an interpretation). I think it’s a pretty ballsy ending, and considering the state of global affairs and the show’s use of atomic weaponry in its depiction of ultimate evil, kind of prescient.

I am very depressed right now, but marveling at David Lynch’s vision.


Yeah, while I think there was a lot of fat here and there…the sheer narrative of it all is pretty fantastic.
And it makes sense, as you said, given the reality of its use of metaphors. You can’t solve a problem like the A-Bomb in a quaint little town. And you can’t go back to fix things either.

You have to move forward, and Dale…all too human Dale…missed that.


Great point! In a lot of ways, this season, which exists because of nostalgia, is about the emptiness of nostalgia.


Dale’s line: “The past dictates the future.”

He still doesn’t know dick about how time works in this show–that it’s an illusion, that the evil he is facing is integrated into the very workings of the universe/multiverse itself. He never understood the meaning of MIKE’s question.

He’s obsessed with linear time. He understands that he is in a dream but he only gets bits and pieces of how it works. The Fireman can’t stop him from trying to rescue young Laura but he tries to give Dale the means of fighting Judy by entering the parallel universe/layer of the dream where Dale is Richard* and Laura is Carrie Page. But it’s not enough. The Fireman told Dale in the first scene: “It is in our house now.” “It” is presumably the Experiment/Judy. She is possibly even more powerful than the Fireman. Perhaps she’s even capable of blocking parts of his omnipotence? He had no idea if his clues for Dale from the first scene would work, which was probably very frightening for him.

I don’t know. Spitballing. But I think whenever you’re trying to figure out something in Twin Peaks, you’ve gotta try and see things from the supernatural characters’ point of view.

*Rewatching the last episode it struck me that the motel Dale and Diane went to is probably a way station between worlds. The motel is only one-story tall, while the building Dale wakes up in after they have sex is two-story. While they’re having sex Diane is overwhelmed by her persona in this new world. As Linda, she covers Dale’s face. He’s still Dale, so he’s not her Richard.


And Dale makes the classic mistake of expecting the Black Lodge to come through…despite it never coming through ever.

Also, yes - the whole “it’s in our house” thing, accompanied by the weird clicking sounds coming from the record player. Even before the start of the journey the White Lodge has been infected. With the fact that the house and the surroundings in the final scene erupt into darkness, who is to say that Judy hasn’t just taken over in total due to Dale’s missteps.


You hear that clicking noise right before young Laura disappears, too.


What Laura whispered into Dale’s ear–it’s gotta be time related. His look of horror is what dooms both of them. That’s the moment–that moment where he forbids himself from understanding, because this would mean acknowledging the evil as our own (if I’m right about the origin of the Experiment and Black Lodge)–that sets into motion his failed plan to rescue young Laura. This is why Laura whispering into his ear is the last image we see. It’s the moment that doomed him from the start. This whole season, he’s never had a hope of defeating Judy. Laura was the one he could use to defeat her, but Dale got her sucked into the alternate dimension where Judy finally tainted her beyond repair.


Maybe “I’ll see you again in another 25 years”? Hahah